Halo 5 Series 2 Up on Amazon! Final McFarlane Figures!

The era… is over! The final wave of McFarlane Toys Halo figures started appearing at some retail stores such as Walgreens a few weeks ago, and now the series has finally reached the world’s largest internet retailer. If you’ve been waiting to order your Halo 5 Series 2 figures from Amazon, now is your time: Spartan Buck and the rest of the last-ever McFarlane Halo figures are now in-stock!

Halo 5 Series 2 Spartan Buck Figure PackagedReaders have been writing in for about a month now asking when I’ll be reviewing the McFarlane Halo 5 Wave 2 figures, but there’s been one small problem blocking my doing so: I didn’t have the figures yet.

My Walgreens and Target stores have yet to stock the final series of Halo action figures by McFarlane Toys (and likely will not at this point), and there was no way I was going to pay the extortionate Toys R Us price of $17.99 per figure. Thankfully, what I’ve been waiting for finally happened today: Amazon has officially received their stock of Halo 5 Series 2 and is shipping their figures out starting today for $15.99 per figure!

Green Spartan Hermes McFarlane Toys Halo 5 Guardians Packaged

Two of the four figures in this wave have been somewhat tricky to find at retail, even for those whose stores have received stock. The “feminine” green Hermes Spartan has been short-packed at one-per-case, meaning that stores only receiving one case of the series only have enough Spartan Hermes figures for one collector.

McFarlane Halo 5 Buck Spartan FigureOn the other end of the spectrum, the other figure in this series that has turned out to be hard-to-find–even at three-per-case–is Spartan Buck, the final unique character that McFarlane Toys will ever release.

Halo 5 Wave 2 Red Athlon Spartan Action Figure McFarlane ToysThis is a fantastic representation of Buck, and the only 5″ or larger Spartan Buck figure scheduled for release by any toy manufacturer. Sadly, we’ll never get McFarlane Linda or Vale Spartan figures at all now.

The other two characters rounding out this assortment are the blue Helljumper Spartan and the red Athlon Spartan. I think the Blue Helljumper figure looks fantastic, and while I’m not in love with the Red Spartan Athlon, I decided to get him anyway to complete my Halo 5: Guardians collection.

Halo 5 Series 2 Helljumper Spartan Figure McFarlane ToysMcFarlane Toys Halo 5 Wave 2 is now available for order from Amazon, and is in-stock and shipping right now. I’ve ordered my figures from the series, and will be posting my reviews starting this week. As the tail-end Halo figure wave, this wave was produced in low quantities, so don’t hesitate long if you want to complete your collection.

Have you secured your final wave of McFarlane Halo action figures yet? Now that Mattel has the Halo license, are you planning to purchase any more figures in this scale, or are you calling it a day?


Halo 5 Series 2 Up on Amazon! Final McFarlane Figures! — 6 Comments

  1. As of right now, that Promethean crawler, shown at toyfair that no one is talking about, is the only Mattel Halo figure I’m interested in. I still believe that Mattel is going to treat this Halo line just like they did their 2000 Master of the Universe line and their old DC Superheroes line; screwed up case ratios with most of the figures being short packed. In this case a gut of Master Chiefs and Locks on the pegs and everyone else in the line, shipping one per case. I’ll be lucky to find that Crawler without spending an arm and a leg for him. If I can find three crawlers I’ll be happy. Prometheus figures are the only figures I’m interested in. Watchers with 2 rings , Crawlers, Knights, Soldiers and The Walden that’s it.

    • For someone who loves Promethean figures it’s kinda funny you don’t know that they’re called Prometheans/Promethean, and not “Prometheus” and that the Warden Eternal is called “Warden” not “Walden” … lol

  2. Auto correct is a nightmare with fantasy names; hence the mis spelling.

    I wasn’t sure of the big guy’s name; I’ve only seen a few pics of him here and there; plus I have not and likely will not ever play any of the Halo video games, due to my aversion to FPS. However, I do appreciate the Spartans armor and alien designs in the Halo Universe; that why I like the McFarlane Halo figures.

    If Mattel makes figures of all the Prometheans, I’ll do my best track them down; however, given the company’s track record with other toylines, I doubt that will be easy.

    I caution anyone with high hopes with this new Mattel 6″ Halo line. Research Mattel’s track record and see how they’ve handled their other 6″ figure lines over the last 10 years. Batman, D.C. Classics, Masters of the Universe, Max Steel (reboot) and even the New Batman Vs Superman line. Each line has had their own unique (paint, sculpt, and articulation) problems, but the major problem all of these lines share is frustrating case ratios shipping issues.

  3. I got Buck earlier today; certainly took long enough for the final McFarlane wave to hit retail around here. While Mattel’s offerings look nice (and I definitely like their existing Mega Bloks range), I’m gonna miss the McFarlane figures.

  4. I found the Helljumper today. Sadly, it is probably the last McFarlane figure I will ever pull off the shelf. I noticed, though, the sword is really small. Like Halo 3 scale.