Last Post Ever! Halo Toy News Moving to Gamer Toy News!

When I started Halo Toy News in 2012, we were still in the midst of a golden age for Halo toys, figures and collectibles. Five years later, that is unquestionably no longer the case. Licensors like Kotobukiya, Weta, Sideshow Collectibles, Diamond Select Toys, Square-Enix, McFarlane Toys, ThreeA Toys and NECA have all left Halo behind and moved on. I, on the other hand, am not.

I’ve moved to two new states and launched several new blogs in the past five years, and in that time, as the number of new Halo toys being released each year has slowed to a crawl, so has my interest in running a solely Halo-focused website. I like to talk–a lot–and it’s just not fun or interesting to me to have a website that realistically only needs to be updated a handful of times each year.

gamer-toy-news-headerAnd so, just as the beloved, long-running Halo Mega Bloks toy line has been rebranded into Halo Mega Construx this winter, I’ve made the difficult decision to rebrand Halo Toy News into Gamer Toy News.

From today onward, all of my news and reviews of current and future Halo toys and collectibles will be featured over at, where I’ve already begun Halo coverage with my review of the Mattel Halo Fred 6″ figure and discussion of the first Mega Construx Halo Customizer Packs.

New York Toy Fair 2016 Dabid Meets Todd McFarlaneAs I’ve made hundreds of posts and reviews and uploaded thousands of photos onto Halo Toy News over the years, I’ve decided to leave this site up for the time being as an archive of some of the best years that there are likely to ever be in Halo collecting history. So if you feel the need to take a trip down memory lane and read about some Halo Minimates or the last waves of McFarlane Halo Reach figures or even the short-lived Micro Ops, all that content will still be here for you.

In addition, the Halo Toy News Facebook Page will remain active, and I’ll still post links to interesting sales and content, including mirrored articles from over on Gamer Toy News.

Loot Crate Halo Hooded T-Shirt on DabidBut if it’s news about future Mega Construx figures (plus blind bag series code number lists!) that you’re looking for or photos of upcoming Mattel Halo Collector’s figures or even new BoomCo guns, it’s Gamer Toy News where you’ll find those things from now on (along with expanded coverage of Street Fighter, First 4 Figures, World of Nintendo and more). Getting the first followers for a new site is always the hardest, so if you want to follow the Gamer Toy News Facebook Page, I’ll be eternally grateful for it.

Thanks for reading and for a great five years. It’s because of all of you that I’m still rambling about some manner of toys each and every day of my life–basically, my dream come true. Hope to see comments and old friends over on the new site as well, but if not, thanks so much for the good times.

This is Dabid, signing out for the last time ever on Halo Toy News. [/End Transmission]


Last Post Ever! Halo Toy News Moving to Gamer Toy News! — 3 Comments

  1. Best of luck to you, Dabid. Been avidly following your website for years, and your decision to broaden your horizons is a wise one. Looking forward to what you’ll bring to the table with Gamer Toy News!

  2. I dunno man. I feel like you’ve basically walked away from Halo. I constantly revisited this site thinking you’d cover the Halo Heroes Series 2, and the Boomco AR, or the second Lootcrate. But nothing ever updated. I thought something happened to you. Then I noticed you had the facebook page and you were at least updating somewhat there. But all in all, there was a lot of stuff (primarily Mega Bloks) that you could’ve easily did reviews on, such as the rest of the Mattel figures, the Boomco guns that have come out, and the multitude of Mega Bloks products that have been released as well as the future releases. And then there’s the other loot crates. But that never came to pass.

    It’s okay that you’ve grown out or have become disinterested in what’s out there since it’s not McFarlane, but the Halo products have been continually coming. I mean, we’ve finally got a packaged Fireteam Osiris and will be getting Blue Team in Mega Bloks, and not a peep from you. That tells me you definitely lost interest.

    No biggy. Best of luck with the new site. It’ll be good to see other news on other great gamer related products.