Mattel Halo Master Chief 6″ Figure Review & Photos

Mattel Halo 5 Master Chief Figure Review

Mattel’s Halo toy line is off to a hot start with summer, but despite the buzz being generated by first-time characters like Spartan Linda, the Alpha Crawler and the Helioskrill Spartan, the best-selling figure in the brand is still the franchise himself: the Master Chief. The Mattel Halo Master Chief 6″ figure is available online now despite selling out fast in stores thus far–is it worth starting off your Halo Mattel collection with this worldwide icon?

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Mattel Halo Alpha Crawler Build-A-Figure Review & Photos!

Mattel Halo Alpha Crawler Build-A-Figure Review

Mattel Halo Series 1 took the Halo collecting world by storm last month, and while I’m behind on my reviews for the first wave of 6″ action figures, I’m hard at work completing the reviews for the entire wave. And tonight, I want to focus on a figure that can only be built by those who purchase all six figures in Halo Series 1: the unexpected Build-A-Figure of the wave, the Promethean Alpha Crawler! Building this Crawler will be expensive, but is it worth it…?

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Mattel Halo Air Assault Spartan 6″ Figure Review & Photos

Mattel Halo Air Assault Spartan Figure Review

Of all the figures in the Mattel Halo Series 1 6″ Figures lineup, the blue Air Assault Spartan was the one I had the least interest in. We’ve had plenty of blue Spartans and Air Assault armor figures over the years, right? Thankfully, I had to order the 6″ Spartan Air Assault figure with the rest of the set to get all the parts for the Promethean Alpha Crawler Build-A-Figure.

And I’m glad I did–this turns out to be one of my favorite generic Spartan action figures in years…

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Mattel Halo 6″ Figures Series 1 Up for Order on Amazon!

Mattel Halo Master Chief Figure Packaged

Ever since the first sightings of the Mattel Halo Collector Series 1 6″ figures occurred last week, I’ve been stalking all the usual sites online like a madman, waiting for my chance to snag the figures for retail price.

And after what seems like eternity (but was actually only a week), finally they have arrived: all six figures Halo Series 1 Mattel figures are now available on Amazon with free shipping!

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Mattel Halo Series 1 6″ Figures Released! Alpha Crawler BAF!

Mattel Halo Series 1 6 Inch Figures Packaged

With the other Mattel Halo toys beginning to pop up online over the course of the last two weeks, it was only a matter of time until the main event arrived–and that time is now! The Mattel Halo Series 1 6″ figures have now been spotted for the very first time on eBay with a major surprise: a Promethean Alpha Crawler Build-A-Figure can be built by buying the whole first wave!

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SDCC Exclusive Halo Spartan Helioskrill Packaged Photos!

SDCC Exclusive Spartan Helioskrill Figure Packaged

This past week has been among the most thrilling for Halo collectors in years, with both Mattel’s new and continuing Halo toy lines rolling out loads of news and fresh products. And the hits keep right on coming today, as Mattel has now posted a number of loose and packaged photos of the SDCC 2016 Exclusive Halo Helioskrill Spartan announced last week. And while I don’t have one in-hand to review just yet, I have to say that both the Spartan Helioskrill and his box look absolutely killer

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Mattel Halo Promethean Soldier 12″ Figure Review

Mattel Promethean Soldier 12" Figure Review

With the new Mattel Halo toys finally beginning to deploy this month, I am officially more hyped about Halo collecting than I have been in a long, long time. And that means that I’m buying stuff I otherwise might not–stuff like the new Halo 12″ figures series! While I certainly have my reservations about this kid-oriented line, there was no way I could resist ordering the Halo 12″ Promethean Soldier figure. Am I happy with my purchase? The surprising answer is… yes!

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Mattel Halo Ghost Vehicle & Elite Officer Review & Photos

Mattel Halo Ghost & Elite Officer Review

Less than four months after the mega-ton announcement that Mattel had secured the master license for producing Halo action figures, the very first Mattel Halo vehicle set has now arrived–and hey, we even get an all-new Elite action figure packed-in with it! I paid scalper prices and ordered my boxed set last week, so I got it today, but the joke’s on me, as Amazon has the Covenant Ghost w/ Elite Officer for 13 bucks less than I paid last week. Alas. On the bright side, I’ve got the vehicle and figure a day earlier than folks who ordered from Amazon–was it worth it? Read on for my full review…

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Mattel Halo 12″ Figures & Warthog Up for Order Online!

Mattel Halo Warthog with 12 Inch Master Chief Figure

While the most prominent Halo toy released by Mattel today is the Collector Series Ghost Vehicle with Elite Officer 6″ figure, there’s 7 other toys released that are much bigger size-wise. In fact, one of the items released today is among the biggest Halo toys ever: the 21″ Mattel Halo Warthog with 12″ Master Chief is now up for order! And in case the Chief needs backup, there’s five other Halo 12″ figures too…

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Mattel Halo Ghost w/ Elite Officer 6″ Figure Up for Order!

Halo Collector's Line Covenant Ghost with Elite Officer Figure

Collectors hoped for transparency when the master license for Halo toys went to Mattel, but thus far they’ve been more opaque about their plans for Halo figures than even McFarlane Toys. But after hearing nothing since Toy Fair, we finally know when the Halo 6″ Collector line will be released–because the first item in the line already has been! The Mattel Halo Covenant Ghost with 6″ Elite Officer figure is now only up for order, and in-stock and shipping!

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Mattel SDCC 2016 Exclusive Halo Helioskrill Spartan Figure!

SDCC 2016 Exclusive Halo Helioskrill Spartan Figure Mattel

2016 has been a rough year to be a Halo collector, with the long-running McFarlane Halo line canned and the Kotobukiya and ThreeA lines unceremoniously in their death throes. Even new master license-holder Mattel has been eerily quiet about Halo since announcing the acquisition of the license at New York Toy Fair 2016–but no longer!

The first Mattel Halo Spartan figure has been officially announced for release next month: the SDCC 2016 Exclusive Halo Helioskrill Spartan!

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Toy Fair 2016: Mattel Halo 6″ Figures Series Photos! Linda!


New York Toy Fair 2016 won’t officially begin until Saturday morning, but already Mattel has dropped a bombshell that has shaken the Halo collecting world to its core: Mattel is now the master license holder for Halo toys and action figures.

I’ll talk about exactly what that means in the coming days–but today, let’s chat about the first series of Mattel Halo 6″ figures… including Spartan Linda!

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