Mattel Halo Series 1 6″ Figures Released! Alpha Crawler BAF!

With the other Mattel Halo toys beginning to pop up online over the course of the last two weeks, it was only a matter of time until the main event arrived–and that time is now! The Mattel Halo Series 1 6″ figures have now been spotted for the very first time on eBay with a major surprise: a Promethean Alpha Crawler Build-A-Figure can be built by buying the whole first wave!

Mattel Halo Series 1 6 Inch Figures Packaged

At the New York Toy Fair 2016, Mattel displayed a half-dozen Halo six inch figures that we knew would comprise Series 1–and also a mysterious Alpha Crawler figure!

I assumed that the Prometheab Crawler figure on display was just a teaser for Mattel Halo Series 2, but I was totally wrong–it’s actually the special selling-point for Halo Collectors Series 1!

Much like the beloved Hasbro Marvel Legends 6″ line, you get all the parts necessary to build the Mattel Alpha Crawler by purchasing all six other figures in the series!

Mattel Halo Series 1 Alpha Crawler Build-A-FigureThis is a great strategy for making folks buy multiplayer Spartans they otherwise might now! Good plan, Mattel!

As we knew from Toy Fair, the six regularly-packaged figures in this series are as follows:

Mattel Halo Master Chief Figure PackagedThe Master Chief

Halo Mattel Spartan Locke Figure Packaged Series 1Spartan Locke

Mattel Halo Spartan Linda 058 Figure PackagedSpartan Linda-058

Halo Mattel Air Assault Spartan Blue Figure PackagedBlue Spartan Air Assault

Spartan Helioskrill Halo Series 1 Mattel Action Figure PackagedRed Spartan Helioskrill

Mattel Halo Series 1 Elite Zealot Figure PackagedMaroon Elite Zealot

As we can see from these packaged photos, these Spartans will feature fully-removable armor in addition to weapons with paint deco and their Alpha Crawler Build-A-Figure pieces. Unfortunately, the packaged photos also seem to confirm an overall very disappointing lack of basically any paint washes or shading on the armor for these figures. Alas.

I think I speak for the majority of adult Halo collectors when I say that I’d much prefer better paint deco to kid-oriented removable armor pieces. Let’s have hope that we’ll see better paint applications in a future series.

Mattel Halo Series 1 6 Inch Figures PackagedThere’s currently one auction for Mattel Halo 6″ Series 1 figures on eBay, but I expect to see these figures popping up on Amazon literally any day now. I’ll post updates here and to the Halo Toy News Facebook and Twitter pages once these action figures appear for sale from a regular retail store.

UPDATE: Third-party sellers have now begun listing the Halo Series 1 figures on Amazon at truly exorbitant prices. Be patient and don’t pay crazy prices, Halo fans!

Now that we’ve seen the packaged Halo Mattel Series 1 figures, what do you think of the line, Halo collectors? Do you like the box packaging and removable armor? And does the inclusion of a Build-A-Figure in the series compel you to buy every toy in the set?


Mattel Halo Series 1 6″ Figures Released! Alpha Crawler BAF! — 27 Comments

  1. Eh, it’s disappointing if not unexpected.
    Though just as disappointing is that nobody seems to be able to get Locke’s armor colored right. It’s a silver-gray, not dark-blue-kinda-grey, dang it!

  2. Nice post here first! I’m stoked. I’m a painter and putting a 3A/Kotobukiya Master Chief paint job on this will be easy and will make it look like a million bucks. I think I like the size and beefiness here more than Mcfarlane’s so I’m super hype.

  3. To be honest, while I’ll miss McFarlane’s level of sculpting/paint detail–based on the Elite Officer review, these figures will be a lot easier to actually play with. (side-eyes McFarlane!Locke)

    Master Chief and Linda will be top priority for me; wasn’t expecting MC to come with that nice-looking energy sword. Nor was I expecting the build-a-figure aspect; I may end up grabbing the whole line.

    Dunno how much I’ll utilize the “removable armour” aspect, but I like the concept of it (and how it’s displayed in-box).

  4. These look a lot better than when they first showed them off i think, the paint is less shiny which makes em look a bit better. I actually think they look really good, the detail doesn’t look all that different to mcfarlane comparing my halo 4 chief to the photos here so if the articulation is as good as it seems i might unfortunately have to buy some (my poor wallet). Only one that looks a bit meh is Linda but i think that is mostly the stupid colour that her armour is, which is dissappointing because if there was one figure that i’d want to buy it would be linda as she has been my favourite spartan since the first books.

  5. These actually look pretty good. Yeah, they lack paint wash/shading, but that’s to be expected these days (especially from Mattel), but the only one whose appearance that really detriments is Linda. All the other figures look good despite it. Also, the BAF aspect is exciting.

  6. Yeah, these don’t look as spiffy as the stock photos. But the armor pieces are removable, so they’re easier to wash. Linda really needs it though. Overall nice figures, still hoping an actual articulated Buck is coming next. Helljumper just looks too nice to not have a functioning figure of.

  7. I’ve been pretty harsh on these since I saw the concepts. But when compared to the concepts they look pretty good and have me pretty excited to get these. Something this whole time I thought I would never want. I can’t wait to see side by side comparisons to the mcfarlane figures to see how they compare. I do hope the paint apps get a little better. But it sounds like Mattel listens to its fans better then mcfarlane. Only time will tell.

  8. As someone that was against this line and all the problems associated with past Mattel 6 ” figures; I’m not going to lie, Locke looks great and I will be picking him up along with that Elite. However; I’m very pissed off that the crawler is a BAF. You don’t make the one army builder figure in the line a BAF. WTF Mattel!!!! I will give them credit for including a sword and an extra hand with Master Chief. That way people will have more of an incentive to pick him up. Hopefully Locke won’t be to hard too find in my area like the McFarlane figure; it took forever for the stores in my area to get Locke on the shelves. I didn’t find him or Master Chief until late Dec.

  9. Well it’s usually me being negative but this time I feel positive that in the next series there will be a crawler for army building. Typically the “alpha” is only one per squad and not meant for army building. So I don’t mind the BAF on the alpha. I’m confident there will be a standard soon.

    • No, there are plenty of Alphas on the field. We shouldn’t have to wait for the standard one. What Mattel is doing is disgusting and unacceptable, period.

  10. People are excited about the BAF? They are excited about being ripped off then. I honestly thought it couldn’t get any worse. I’m actually dumbfounded how they made a character that’s fodder, worth a whole series. This is disgusting, how are people not in outrage? Mattel is gut punching army builders right now. I thought the scale issue was bad, but this, I can’t believe it. I might have actually bought the Prometheans in this line because the paint was actually good. I guess not now!

    But hey, articulation guys! That makes all these problems go away! This line really is less for more.

    • So would you prefer they had no BAF at all and they still charged the same price (which they would) at least here we get one little extra thing for our money.
      Also i doubt they would have done the crawler to be a figure by itself, i doubt they sell anywhere near as well as spartans or elites, in australia it took like a year or more to sell the halo 4 prometheans (watcher and crawler) even when they were like half price for most of that time. and that will be even more of a problem with the price these will be compared to mcfarlane.

      • Am I supposed to be thankful for such a greedy concept? Yes I would prefer that there be no BAF unless it’s like how McFarlane did it. That piece of plastic is no bargain to us. I would actually care more that they made the figures actually WORTH the price that they are. I don’t care if they sell well, I want the choice to buy them on there own. They could have done a two pack.

        Army building is a joke now. You’re really telling me that a crawler is worth $120? Do I really have to explain how stupid that is? It’s hardly up for debate, it’s stupid with any thought put into it. I want to army build Prometheans and Covenant. I don’t want to army build Master Chiefs and Lockes because that’s STUPID.

        • How is it greedy. like i said they would have the same price whether or not there was a BAF so the BAF is a free bonus. When did Mcfarlane have a BAF? I will say i was thinking the same thing about a two pack, but they would never do that as the costs would be as much as nearly two normal figures for only the same sale price.
          Also that part about not caring if they sell you just want to buy them on their own, thats just stupid they are obviously not going to release a figure thats just going to shelf warm (going off my previous experience, and the fact that crawlers aren’t any where near as popular as covenant) when there are figures that they know will sell better, such as named characters, MP spartans, elites etc.

          The crawler isnt $120 its free and i doubt there are many people that want more than 1, plus i bet you will be able to pick up the BAF pieces people are selling off for near the same price it would have costed as a seventh figure in the actual line. and covenant so far you can army build that elite as much as you want.

          Also just a possible suggestion, you could army build the mcfarlane crawler, it would probably be a lot cheaper and looking at the mattel crawler photos from toyfair i think it looks slightly too big compared to the spartans so the mcfarlane one might be a bit more in scale anyway.

          • This isn’t really a scale to army-build. Plus, Prometheans (other than Knights and maybe the new Soldiers) don’t appear to sell very well, as evidenced by McFarlane’s and Mega Bloks offerings. Also, certain figures are offered as BAFs because the cost of their unique molds can be distributed across a wave. Once this Crawler mold is made, perhaps a regular Crawler will be single-carded in a future wave.

          • It’s greedy because I would have to buy the whole series for every one I wanted. That’s ridiculous and I shouldn’t have to go online to buy individual parts. It’s not free because they are making me buy the stupid MP Spartans. I would end up with more Campaign characters and MP Spartans. That’s simply absurd. Your argument for the Elites would be good if I actually wanted them. I don’t want to be teased by them, if they can’t make it like a normal figure, they shouldn’t make it at all. I don’t need anymore Mcfarlane Prometheans, I have quite enough.

            This line is hardly bigger than Mcfarlane’s. They didn’t even bother with the Elite, it’s almost the exact same size. I can only hope what you say is true though. I would want this EXACT SAME figure carded individually. No BS differences, other than to possibly make it more game accurate.

    • They had good points, the Prometheans are really hard to sell off- Not many people will go for them and it makes sense not to produce “shelf-warmers.” They might make few collectors/army builders like you very happy, but from a business standpoint it’s just not feasible or advisable. I am happy with the choices Mattel have made so far. It sounds like they know much better how to sell their product, we shall see by the end of this summer. Been talking to an employee of Mattel and they have wonderful plans 🙂

  11. Y’know what?

    I actually kinda like the removable armor gimmick.

    It’s in the same vein as what McFarlane was trying (keyword- TRYING) to do with stuff like armor packs, but a LOT more extensive, which means much more potential for customization. Which is awesome. For canon characters like Chief and Linda I might glue the armor in place if it falls off too much, but I’m looking forward to owning a couple figures of the same color so I can mess with the mix-and-match aspect. If they end up making figures of the Nightfall and MkIV armors I’ll be set.

    Also, the scale and armor-removability brings me several steps closer to my dream of making a custom Captain America SPARTAN.

    The lack of any real paint washing is rather disappointing, but these are relatively low-res photos, and I get the feeling that they’ll look better in-hand, in any case. Maybe I’m just smitten with the idea of Halo figures in my favorite action figure scale(ish), but I’m looking forward to this line. It’ll be nice to be able to handle a Halo figure and not have to worry about it being made of garbage plastic that crumbles like so many cookies, or our hopes and dreams of McFarlane ever making a Romeo figure.

    I like the idea of Halo action figures that can function like actual action figures.

  12. I am pretty sad that the scale is way off from the Mcfarlane, but I’m surprised to see these in boxes (looks to be the same size as Mattel’s Minecraft line) so I hope these hit brick and mortar store. Does anyone know which stores would carry them?

    I know almost all walmarts, Targets, TRU, Gamestops ect. carry the Minecraft and ship each figure in a case, so I hope the same is true for these.

    I still hate the price though….$20 is a bit much for these.

  13. Well that Linda figure managed to be worse than I thought. And this confirms that Elites figures are the same height as Spartans, maybe even shorter. Ya I’m not going to be getting these soon unless they release a deluxe line with better paint, and only for major characters.

    • Okay just so I’m not overly negative, here’s what I thought was positive:
      *MC and Locke actually look real nice, if not 100% accurate.
      *Interchangeable armor is really cool.
      *Crawler figure, hopefully a standalone normal variant later
      *Not just Spartans so far

    • Actually go to Instagram and look at Alpha117 or Halofrontier ‘s page, they both have pictures of size comparisons between the elites and the spartans and Mcfarlane figures. The elites are the SAME size as Mcfarlane’s elites, which is huge. The Spartans are really big and about a head taller than Mcfarlane’s Spartans, but still SMALL enough to look proportional next to the elites. you’ll know what I mean if you check it out.

      • I’ll admit when I’m wrong. The size difference isn’t that bad. It’s close enough to be believable. They got that right at least.

  14. I’m hopeful that at some point we’ll see unhelmeted Spartans like Palmer, Vale, and the like. I’m also anxious to see figures like Lasky and Miranda Keys get produced. Mattel has a wonderful opportunity to go all out with this; I hope they do.

  15. Does anyone know when these are released in retail stores like target, ToysRUs, or Walmart? Will they even be released in those stores? I’m actually impatient for these to release in stores, which is a surprise because originally i was a die-hard McFarlane fan (I still am), but these don’t look as bad as i thought they would be. So back to the main topic at hand? When will these release in store? And which store?

    • All major retailers should have these by sometime in July. These are just hitting distribution now.