Mattel Halo Master Chief 6″ Figure Review & Photos

Mattel’s Halo toy line is off to a hot start with summer, but despite the buzz being generated by first-time characters like Spartan Linda, the Alpha Crawler and the Helioskrill Spartan, the best-selling figure in the brand is still the franchise himself: the Master Chief. The Mattel Halo Master Chief 6″ figure is available online now despite selling out fast in stores thus far–is it worth starting off your Halo Mattel collection with this worldwide icon?

Mattel Halo Master Chief Figure ReviewThe Right:

If there’s one character who absolutely nobody can deny needs to be in the first series of any line of Halo toys, it’s the Master Chief. And so, Mattel has wisely–and practically–included their first-ever Master Chief six inch figure in this wave.

This fall squarely into the right for two reasons: 1) Having a Master Chief readily available is crucial for this line’s success; and 2) Mattel chose not to overpack and flood shelves with the Chief. Thanks, Mattel!

Back of Box Halo Master Chief 6" Mattel FigureLike all other figures in this line, all of the Master Chief’s armor (besides his helmet, obviously) is removable. Whereas the removable armor has caused some figures to look like human blimps (alas, poor hyper-obese Spartan Locke), the armor fits tightly and looks terrific on the Mattel Master Chief figure.

Mattel Halo Master Chief 6" Figure in Package BoxThis and the Air Assault Spartan are easily the two best-looking figures thus far for pure, streamlined armor aesthetic.

Master Chief Mattel Halo Figure Firing on Alpha CrawlerAlso like all of the other figures in this series, there’s zippo in the way of paint washes on the Chief. Whereas this omission is devastating to certain figures (Linda in particular), it’s not really a problem for the Master Chief.

Mattel Halo Master Chief Six Inch Figure with Assault RifleMaybe it’s because of his dark green color and the slightly sheen to the plastic, but I really don’t miss the dark wash on this action figure at all. One would certainly enhance the figure, but I think this is one of the better-looking Mattel Halo figures despite the absence of paint shading.

2016 Halo 5 Master Chief Action Figure by MattelSome readers have asked me specifically about Master Chief’s head range of motion, so let me go into detail on it: the ball-jointed head can look side to side and way down with no problems, and has no troubling limitations in those directions.

Back of Mattel Halo The Master Chief FigureHowever, the Master Chief can really only look up to about eye level by just moving his head. Even so, thanks to the ball-jointed upper torso, the Chief can easily look as high up as I want, so I’m overall very pleased with his head articulation.

Master Chief Halo Collector Series Figure CrouchingThe rest of the articulation scheme is just like the rest of the Mattel Spartans, and is highlighted by ankle rockers and plenty of usable ball-joints. The difference between trying to pose this and the McFarlane Halo 5 Master Chief is like the difference between night and day.

Mattel Halo 5 Master Chief Figure ReviewThe Mattel Halo 5 Master Chief figure is slightly larger than the McFarlane Toys version, but I’m okay with that, as this is a superior toy that can take on many more poses and I’m certain Mattel will release their own versions of Blue Team and Fireteam Osiris.

Halo Mattel Master Chief Figures and Accessories in PackageThe Master Chief Mattel Halo six inch figure includes two weapons, including his trusty Assault Rifle. The Chief can hold the Assault Rifle tightly with one hand or two, and looks great doing so.

Close-Up of Mattel Halo Assault Rifle for Six Inch FiguresThe Halo 5 Assault Rifle itself features some nicely-done paint deco and looks terrific in its own right. It can also be attached to the Master Chief’s back (or thigh) with the included connector pegs.

Mattel Halo Master Chief vs. Alpha Crawler FigureThe Wrong:

Minor gripe before I get to a major one: the plastic quality on this action figure seems to be slightly worse than what I’m used to. Master Chief doesn’t have any super-loose joints and has no problem standing up independently, but the more I pose him, the more I feel like his joints are loosening up. In the long-term, I’m a bit concerned about this.

My other problem with this figure is worse than just being “wrong”, though. It fits squarely into…

Mattel Master Chief Holding Energy SwordThe Ridiculous:

All of the weapons in the first series of the 6″ Mattel Halo Collector’s Series figures are oversized. Whether this is a mistake or deliberate is still unknown, but it is what it is. And of all the weapons in the line thus far, no weapon included with any figure looks nearly as ridiculous as the 6″ Master Chief wielding his Covenant Energy Sword.

The Energy Sword is oversized for the Elite Zealot figure it also comes with, but at least there it just looks big. With the Master Chief, it looks absolutely ludicrous.

Mattel Halo Master Chief vs. Elite Zealot FiguresFurthermore, the alternate hand John-117 comes with to hold the Energy Sword is really rubbery, meaning the Energy Sword just topples out of Chief’s hand whenever I do want to pose him with the gargantuan weapon. I hate to say it, but this weapon inclusion is an absolute failure.

Master Chief 6" Figure Holding Covenant Energy SwordOverall: I vacillated between giving the first Mattel Master Chief six inch figure a solid ‘A’ and an ‘A-‘, but the lack of paint wash and ridiculousness with the Energy Sword knocks him down to an ‘A-‘. Even so, this is by far the most poseable and most fun Master Chief action figure released in years, and my second favorite single-packed figure in Series 1 (after the Blue Spartan Air Assault).

Photos don’t do this figure justice–it’s when you get the Halo 5 Master Chief Mattel figure in your hands and realize the multitude of ways that you can pose him and play with him that this figure really shines. If you’re thinking of trying out this line and don’t want a generic Spartan, then the Master Chief is absolutely the figure you should be aiming for. Recommending.



Mattel Halo Master Chief 6″ Figure Review & Photos — 17 Comments

  1. maybe they’ll scale down the weapon size. Remember the original shotgun and smgs the mega bloks figures had

  2. After seeing Linda and the absolute abysmal paint job she had (Extreme overpaint in some areas, missing paint in others causing assymetical patterns) that put McFarlanes Reach Soldiers/Marines to shame, I don’t think I can invest in this toy line, especially when there’s no guarantee it’ll continue past this first series or the next.

    Also, these are supposed to be “Toys” on par with Hasbro’s Marvel Legends, that will outsell their McFarlane “Collector” counterparts which didn’t sell with kids very well. Yet stores like Toys R Us are yet again stocking them in the “Adult Collector” section and in limited quantities just like McFarlanes’ line.

    This is yet again a recipe for failure. But even if they did stock them in the main toy lines, I just don’t think Halo is popular enough with the kids that’re supposed to be taking these new “Toys” on.

    All in all, Halo once again is in a Limbo between quality and quantity.

    • The paint on Linda is truly the worst in this first series, but it’s just one figure in the first series. Hasbro certainly had plenty of duds before they got their Marvel Legends and Black Series lines up to their current levels, but they still have duds all the time as well.

      Mattel rushed to get product out to market within a third of a year of obtaining the Halo master license, and the product that they have put out has plenty to love about it. The articulation, packaging, Build-A-Figure concept and durability are all vastly superior to anything we got from McFarlane Toys in years.

      And while Mattel can’t control where Toys R Us chooses to stock the toys for an M-Rated video game, Mattel didn’t pay out a ludicrous amount of money for the Halo master license to give up on it right away. Mattel will be working as hard as they can to get the brand into larger retail outlets like Walmart and Target that frankly matter much more than TRU.

      The effort in this new Halo line is very impressive and evident for such a young line–all Mattel needs is to perfect the execution. And as Mattel badly wants this license to be profitable for them, I have no doubt that the quality is only going to get better from here on out.

  3. I found the entire set at TRU and had to get the rest. Chief is probably my favorite, with the elite officer close behind. My main gripes isn’t with the paint, but with little stupid things: Over size weapons, no elbow ball joint, and how loose some of the hands are. And while I liked the added crawler, his articulation is worse than the Mcfarlane version. I must say Locke is the worst figure in this line, he cant ever hold his rifle with two hands right.

    I cant say more articulation has really been a big difference so far, especially with the high price.

    I have yet to see these figure at any other brick and mortar store, and I still hope to see the 12″ Chief with the warthog!

  4. I’m dying for SDCC news on halo collectibles. I can’t find anything. Any news?

  5. Really? I thought Mattel had a whole halo booth? 2948 or something close, no new figures to show? Dark horse didn’t have any new vehicle models? I’m so sad! Not even mcfarlane showed any new construction sets (except the crappy five nights at Freddy’s). What a disappointment.

  6. I didn’t say they made halo sets. I was showing disappointment that they didn’t so any brand at all except for the above mentioned.

    • Oh, sorry, I thought you were saying McFarlane made the Halo construction sets, because it seemed like the other option, you bringing up McFarlane out of nowhere, was off-topic, but I understand now. Sorry.

  7. Speaking of the SDCC, isn’t odd that no one has posted a review on the SDCC Exclusive Helioskrill figrue anywhere? I just got mind Wednesday in the mail; it’s bad at all. The packaging is surprisingly collector friendly; you can just slide the tray with the figure in and out of the box without destroying the box. I had forgotten the figure came with a magnum as a secondary weapon.

  8. I actually got lucky and snagged the Helioskrill exclusive for $11.50. I got it on eBay and apparently no one was watching this. I put in a bid last few seconds with no expectation of winning. I’m excited to get it though!!!

    • Great price dude. I got mind for $40 with free shipping. I thought this figure be super hard to find and it’s price would spike after SDCC.

      Speaking of the Helioskrill. The retail version has a variant. Mostly everyone that’s bought the figure and has posted pics or videos and nearly all of them, but only guy overseas on YouTube that goes by toys210, have the white paint apps missing from the helmet and the visor isn’t completely painted. Even the first Helioskrill figure I bought off Amazon is missing the white paint apps on the helmet and the visor isn’t completely painted. I found one retail Helioskrill figure on Ebay last week that includes the white apps on the helmet and fully painted visor; the seller posted the actual figure MIB in hand and not a stock photo. So I took a chance and bought it, from him; sure enough the white apps are on the helmet and the visor is completely painted to the edges.

      Now this could be a running change and only the first shipments of Helioskrills are missing the white paint apps on the helmet and the visor is half painted. I hope this is the case, because the extra paint apps really add to the overall look of the figure. Also the Helioskrill with the paint apps on the helmet includes a light purple plasma pistol and the one missing the paint apps on the helmet includes a dark blue plasma pistol.

  9. So I caved and made a foray into this line with Linda-058. I’d have gone with John, but A. Linda is single-packed while John is double-packed and I didn’t want to find myself scrabbling to find Linda later, and B. I’ve been a huge fan of the Halo novels for years and Blue Team are my children and I love them, so a Linda figure is a pretty big deal. And, I gotta say… these are such a MASSIVE improvement over McFarlane’s Halo offerings.

    I was afraid the removable armor gimmick would either cause the figures to fall apart or bulk them up needlessly (or both) but Mattel’s managed to create an armor system that doesn’t fall apart while keeping the bulk accurate to the in-game models. And the articulation- OOOHHH the articulation is SUBLIME. While I’ve struggled to get McFarlane Halo figures into basic firing positions, I did a mini-photoshoot with Linda to get a feel for the poseability of these new figures and I had a friggin’ BALL. I was getting Linda into firing poses with her sniper rifle and her pistol- Two handed! I can’t count the number of times I’ve failed to get McFarlane Halo figures to take a basic, two-handed pistol firing stance.

    I’m also kind of amazed that Mattel has finally discovered double-jointed limbs- I’d recently purchased a couple of DC Multiverse figures on clearance, and they’re decent figures, but the lack of double-jointing and proper neck articulation really hurts them. I’ve been spoiled with Marvel Legends figures for a while now. But I hadn’t in my wildest DREAMS expected double-jointed elbows from MATTEL of all companies. It really helps these figures getting them into proper poses, and if this is Mattel’s new Halo standard I can’t WAIT to see where this line takes us.

    There’s a few flaws that can be attributed to the growing pains of any all-new action figure line- a few looser-than-I’d-like joints and some paint errors, and I’ll grant that, yeah, Linda’s color scheme suffers from a lack of paint wash, but it’s mostly minor stuff I’m willing to forgive because this line shows a great deal of promise. Linda is an absolutely friggin’ FANTASTIC action figure and if she’s one of the weaker entries into the line thus far, then I can’t WAIT to get Chief.

    Also, I REALLY hope that they put out a couple of figures to coincide with the release of Halo Wars 2- MkIV is my favorite iteration of the MJOLNIR armor, I LOVE Red Team, and nothing would make me happier than seeing them made into action figures by Mattel in this new line.

  10. I gave chief a drybrush and wash and omg the difference it makes. linda is definitely next