Mattel Halo 6″ Figures Series 1 Up for Order on Amazon!

Ever since the first sightings of the Mattel Halo Collector Series 1 6″ figures occurred last week, I’ve been stalking all the usual sites online like a madman, waiting for my chance to snag the figures for retail price. And after what seems like eternity (but was actually only a week), finally they have arrived: all six figures Halo Series 1 Mattel figures are now available on Amazon with free shipping!

Mattel Halo Master Chief 6 Inch Action Figure Series 1

I’ve vacillated between being super-excited about the 6″ Halo Collector Series figures and totally dreading them ever since they were announced the day before New York Toy Fair 2016 began, but there was one thing I always knew for sure: there was no way I was gonna pay inflated scalper prices for any of the figures in the wave.

So when eBay sellers and Amazon Marketplace sellers popped up selling the figures for double MSRP last week, I had to fight hard to keep my collecting urges at bay.

Mattel Halo Zealot Elite Six Inch FigureLuckily, I didn’t have to restrain myself for very long, as one of the many checks I’ve been doing on Amazon each day for the last week finally bore fruit–all of Mattel Halo Wave 1 is in-stock now for MSRP!

Spartan Air Assault Mattel Halo 6 Inch FigureTo review, the first wave consists of six figures:

  • Master Chief
  • Elite Zealot
  • Spartan Locke
  • Spartan Linda
  • Blue Spartan Air Assault
  • Red Spartan Helioskrill

In addition, each of the six figures includes a part that’s necessary to build the series’ seventh and final figure: an Alpha Crawler Build-A-Figure! With that in mind, there was just no way that I could bring myself to skip any of the figures in this wave (as if that was ever a real concern).

Spartan Locke Halo Mattel Collector Series 6 Inch FigureThe only figure in this wave that really stands out to me as a potential pegwarmer is Jameson Locke, as for whatever reason, Locke’s popularity simply has not taken off following Halo 5: Guardians in the manner that 343 expected (and hoped it would).

Mattel Halo Spartan Linda Action Figure

The most exciting figure in this wave is, of course, Spartan Linda-058, a unique character who’s been around since the days of the Eric Nylund masterpiece, “Halo: The Fall of Reach”.

Bizarrely enough, this is the very first action figure of Linda ever released by any company! Crazy!!

With her unique female body mold and awesome sniper rifle, Linda is definitely my favorite Mattel choice thus far (and an obvious olive branch from Mattel to McFarlane Toys Halo collectors).

Halo Elite Zealot Mattel 6 Inch Figure PackagedThe Mattel Halo Series 1 6″ figures are now available with free shipping online. For whatever reason, none of the many other retailers that I frequent online have even created listings yet for this series, so I don’t know if Mattel is late sending out solicitations for the toys or what. Regardless, I ordered the whole set with an expected delivery date of next Tuesday, so I plan on being able to start my reviews of the Mattel 6″ Halo action figures next week.

Sound off, Halo collectors! Who besides me is ecstatic about dropping 20 bucks a figure on some long-overdue new Halo toys, and if so, which are you buying? And for that matter, what character should I begin my reviews with next week?


Mattel Halo 6″ Figures Series 1 Up for Order on Amazon! — 14 Comments

  1. I’ll probably snag the Elite online. I think I will wait until the Spartans hit shelves before I decide if I’ll buy one.

  2. I should have my Master Chief either today or Monday; depending on my mailman. I really wanted Locke, but I’m going to use John to decide if this line is worth collecting or not. I want to see how he compares to both my McFarland Halo 4 figures and my 6 inch Marvel Legends figures. It’s times like this when I really mis the old Halofigureforum. For some reason I can’t join the Fwoosh Forums, so I’ll try to post a few comparison pics in a brief Amazon review; once I get him.

  3. I just got Master Chief in the mail this morning. The plasma sword is huge, the armor isn’t shiny metallic like the prototype figure seen at Toyfair, and the visor is painted similarly like Mcfarlane’s visor; YAY. I”ll post a review on with comparison pics later today.

  4. My review is up on with both detailed Pros and Cons and there’s a lot of Cons; so read carefully before you buy. My pics haven’t loaded yet. Hopefully the one pic of Chief standing on one leg doing a Jean-Claude Van Damme style standing kick gets approved; I was shocked Chief could balance on one leg like the McFarlane Halo figures.

    One thing I just discovered, you have to take the Spartan’s head off to remove the chest armor; that isn’t on the instruction sheet or box. The head is on a ball joint similar to Marvel Legend figures.

  5. I got Linda ordered today; it had to be done. Feel like she would be one of the harder ones to find in-store.

    My “first to review” suggestion would be either her, Master Chief, or Locke (since his McFarlane figure had all those inexplicable articulation issues).

    • Yeah I really want Locke, but after having Chief in hand and seeing how the elbows, keens, and ankles joints get loose too quickly; I really don’t know now. As I said in my Amazon review, there’re no ratcheting joints on Chief; NONE!!! Yeah he has good articulation, even though some of it is limited and the rocker joints were a complete surprise; I can’t get pass the lack of ratcheting joints. It’s the biggest flaw with this figure. It’s like the McFarlane Halo 3 series 1 figures all over again; but in six inch scale.

      I will say it is nice to finally have a Halo 5 Master Chief that can really crotch down on his knees and look pretty good taking aim with his BR.

      He’s no a bad figure, but he’s not the end all be all of Halo figures that everyone was expecting. There’s still room for improvement.Yes, the waist articulation is way better than the Halo 3, 4 and 5 figures; almost like a new and improved Halo Reach type of waist, but the lack of ratcheting joints are more of problem than the lack of paint.

      • Well, I’ve had Linda in hand for two days now, and while I’m keeping your review of MC in mind, so far my only real complaints are that the instructions are rather vague (I needed that review to know that it was safe to remove Linda’s hands), and that it took a lot of effort to extract her from the plastic. Maybe the real problems are my noodle arms, but a younger kid might have trouble with that.

        Ratchet joints would probably be sturdier, but I remember that (with McFarlane) they could be pretty stiff at times. Again–could just be me, though.

        • Glad I could help. Mattel really needs to work on those instructions. I hope we get ratcheting joints in the next 6 inch series. Speaking of the next series, I would love to see more exotic Spartan armor like Fotus, Recon, Locus and Pioneer in future series. And in stead of a BAF why not include Hard Light Shields, molded in clear plastic, with each Spartan figure? That’s something I wished Mcfarlane would have given us.

  6. Dreeday, that’s the second review I’ve seen that mentions how easily the armor develops stress marks. That sucks as that’s my biggest pet peeve when it comes to figures. I just received my Master Chief, but haven’t opened it yet. I might keep it in the package to avoid damaging the plastic.

  7. Gotta say, I’m personally liking them. Got the whole set today and despite the lack of finer details I do like the bulkier build. Mcfarlane’s Master Chief for H4 and H5 was always so scrawny looking, this one looks properly beefy but not overdone.

    Some of the pieces are a little tough to keep attached but I plan on using Gorilla Glue, the removable aspect of the armor was of little interest to me without removable helmets.

    I also like the lack of glossy metallic finish, it’s more of a matte finish for most of them…like in the game. I’ll have to do some touching up for finer details but nothing major.

    Only real downer is Linda’s armor is really pale looking. I thought she had a darker color scheme in the game.

  8. Do not delay on the Crawler’s review!!! It will be a deal-breaker/maker for my next birthday present being either a Masterpiece Transformer or the entire first wave of Mattel Halo figures!

    • I think, no I know a few other collectors are going to beat me to the BAF Crawler’s review. I’ll probably have the SDCC Helioskrill figure way before I have all the parts to complete the BAF Crawler. However, once I finally get the BAF complete, I’ll list the pros and cons like I did for MC. Its too bad my pic’s didn’t load with the review I posted on Amazon. That’s why I really mis the old halofigurefourm; I would do my reviews and post pics and answer questions one two three. I still may try to join the Fwoosh forum fo the umpteenth time; I don’t know why I keep getting rejected from that site for some odd reason.

      • I use to go on halo figure fourm all the time and miss it. Does anyone know what happened to it? It was great for posting images and really helped in tracking figures down back in the day (especially Target’s UPC codes)