Mattel Halo Master Chief 6″ Figure Review & Photos

Mattel Halo 5 Master Chief Figure Review

Mattel’s Halo toy line is off to a hot start with summer, but despite the buzz being generated by first-time characters like Spartan Linda, the Alpha Crawler and the Helioskrill Spartan, the best-selling figure in the brand is still the franchise himself: the Master Chief. The Mattel Halo Master Chief 6″ figure is available online now despite selling out fast in stores thus far–is it worth starting off your Halo Mattel collection with this worldwide icon?

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Mattel Halo 6″ Figures Series 1 Up for Order on Amazon!

Mattel Halo Master Chief Figure Packaged

Ever since the first sightings of the Mattel Halo Collector Series 1 6″ figures occurred last week, I’ve been stalking all the usual sites online like a madman, waiting for my chance to snag the figures for retail price.

And after what seems like eternity (but was actually only a week), finally they have arrived: all six figures Halo Series 1 Mattel figures are now available on Amazon with free shipping!

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Mattel Halo Series 1 6″ Figures Released! Alpha Crawler BAF!

Mattel Halo Series 1 6 Inch Figures Packaged

With the other Mattel Halo toys beginning to pop up online over the course of the last two weeks, it was only a matter of time until the main event arrived–and that time is now! The Mattel Halo Series 1 6″ figures have now been spotted for the very first time on eBay with a major surprise: a Promethean Alpha Crawler Build-A-Figure can be built by buying the whole first wave!

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Mattel Halo 12″ Figures & Warthog Up for Order Online!

Mattel Halo Warthog with 12 Inch Master Chief Figure

While the most prominent Halo toy released by Mattel today is the Collector Series Ghost Vehicle with Elite Officer 6″ figure, there’s 7 other toys released that are much bigger size-wise. In fact, one of the items released today is among the biggest Halo toys ever: the 21″ Mattel Halo Warthog with 12″ Master Chief is now up for order! And in case the Chief needs backup, there’s five other Halo 12″ figures too…

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Halo 5 Play Arts Kai Master Chief & Locke Up for Order!

Close-Up of Play Arts Kai Spartan Locke Figure

While pretty much every Halo licensee out there managed to get at least one major new collectible out last fall to coincide with the release of the Halo 5: Guardians video game, Square-Enix lagged behind and just plain missed the boat. But this spring, SE’s products will finally hit: the Halo 5 Play Arts Kai Master Chief and Spartan Locke are now up for order! But while they’re plenty nice looking, they’re also a price not many will want to pay…

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Play Arts Kai Halo 2 Master Chief On Sale! 48% Off!

Halo 2 Play Arts Kai Master Chief Figure

2014 was a bad year to be a Halo collector. McFarlane put out their smallest number of Halo figures in a year yet, Kotobukiya hadn’t yet re-entered the fray, and Square-Enix only put out one new Halo Play Arts Kai figure. But thankfully, that figure ended up being absolutely outstanding. And while everyone couldn’t afford to bust out 100 bucks for him before, they may want to rethink that now: the Play Arts Kai Halo 2 Anniversary Master Chief is now on sale for 48% Off!

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Mega Bloks Halo Heroes Debut at New York Comic Con 2015!

Mega Bloks Halo Heroes Wave 1 Preview Image

Get ready, Halo fans! The second-biggest (or first-biggest, depending on who you ask) comic book convention of 2015 is nearly upon us: New York Comic Con 2015! As usual, I’ll be on-hand at the event, covering all of the new Halo toys on exhibit by MEGA Brands, McFarlane Toys, Kotobukiya, and more! And this year, that will include the all-new Mega Bloks Halo Heroes Series 1 & Series 2 figures!

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McFarlane Halo 5 Guardians Figures Series 1 Up for Order!

McFarlane Halo 5 Guardians Figures Series 1

Sharp-eyed readers may have noticed that amidst my coverage of New York Toy Fair 2015, there wasn’t a single article about McFarlane Toys Halo figures this year. No, that wasn’t an oversight–the McFarlane Toys booth was just an epic disappointment at the 2015 Toy Fair. I feared we were in for another year with just one or two new figures–but I was wrong! Just one month after Toy Fair, McFarlane Toys has now officially revealed the case ratios for Halo 5 Series 1, and the Halo 5 Guardians Series 1 figures are now up for order!

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Halo 5 Mega Bloks UNSC Attack Gausshog Photos! Toy Fair 2015

2015 New York Toy Fair Mega Bloks Halo UNSC Attack Warthog Summer 2015 Set

While MEGA Brands didn’t want to show off all of their Summer/Fall 2015 Halo Mega Bloks sets to the press at the New York Toy Fair 2015 last week, one set that they had no problem showcasing features a new version of the most iconic vehicle in Halo lore. Coming later this year–it’s the Halo 5 Mega Bloks UNSC Attack Gausshog set… with Master Chief and Arbiter figures!

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Kotobukiya Halo Statues & Spartan Armor Sets! 2015 Toy Fair

2015 Toy Fair Kotobukiya Halo Spartan Armor Sets

I’ve talked a fair bit about the Halo Mega Bloks Summer 2015 sets that were on display at the New York Toy Fair 2015 last week, but those weren’t all the new Halo collectibles that were on display at the event! Kotobukiya put out their 1/6th scale ARTFX Master Chief statue earlier this winter, but at the 2015 Toy Fair, they showed off their cheaper (and cooler!) 1/10 Master Chief ARTFX+ statue and alternate Spartan armor sets!

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