Mattel Halo Air Assault Spartan 6″ Figure Review & Photos

Of all the figures in the Mattel Halo Series 1 6″ Figures lineup, the blue Air Assault Spartan was the one I had the least interest in. We’ve had plenty of blue Spartans and Air Assault armor figures over the years, right? Thankfully, I had to order the 6″ Spartan Air Assault figure with the rest of the set to get all the parts for the Promethean Alpha Crawler Build-A-Figure. And I’m glad I did–this turns out to be one of my favorite generic Spartan action figures in years…

Mattel Halo Air Assault Spartan Figure ReviewThe Right:

I’m not going to lie: I was suffering a little bit of generic multiplayer Spartan burnout by the end of the McFarlane Toys Halo era. There’s only so many non-poseable generic Spartan repaints that a man needs, right…? And so, the Blue Spartan Air Assault Mattel figure was basically at the bottom of my excitement meter when this first series of Halo Collector figures was announced in February.

And then I actually received my figures in the mail, opened them all up to get my Alpha Crawler parts, and immediately was captivated by this blue Spartan.

Halo Mattel 6" Spartan Air Assault Figure PackagedFirst, let me just say that the boxed packaging for these figures is incredibly classy and compares very favorably to the beloved Hasbro Marvel Legends and Star Wars Black Series boxes. The art on the spines looks particularly good, and I think these figures will stand out well on the shelves. (Let’s just hope people actually buy them!)

Mattel Halo Collector Series Blue Air Assault Spartan Action FigureThe most obvious positive about this 6″ blue Air Assault Spartan is that he looks slick as hell. The combination of blue snap-on armor with the dark blue and black undersuit is immensely visually appealing–and the dark colors make the lack of a paint wash much less of a problem here than on the lighter-colored Spartans.

Back of Mattel 6" Halo Action Figures Blue Spartan Air AssaultThe white highlights on the armor also look cool in their own right, in addition to distracting away from the omission of paint weathering.

Mattel Halo Alpha Crawler vs. Spartan Air Assault FigureOf course, looks aren’t everything, as us longtime McFarlane collectors know. But unlike the last few years’ worth of McFarlane Toys Halo figures, you can actually play with these new Mattel Spartans.

That’s right–unlike the last of the McFarlane figures, you can actually pose the legs of these six inch Spartans without breaking them off. Crazy, right?

Hydra Launcher on Back of Mattel Spartan Air Assault FigureWe’re not talking about a minor articulation upgrade, though–we’re talking about a huge improvement with highly-articulated hip joints and even ankle rockers! These new Mattel Halo figures can take on a ton of stances and look terrific doing so.

Mattel Halo Spartan Air Assault Armor Action FigureAnd unlike some figures in this first wave, there weren’t any quality-control issues with my Air Assault Spartan–his joints are tight and his paint apps are flawless. Good work, Mattel factory.

Mattel Halo 6" Blue Air Assault Spartan and AccessoriesAside from the removable Air Assault armor (which all snaps on tightly on this figure and hasn’t fallen off at all) and the back of the Alpha Crawler Build-A-Figure, this blue Spartan Air Assault six inch figure includes two guns: a pistol and a UNSC Hydra Launcher.

Mattel Halo UNSC Hydra Launcher Gun Close-UpI’ll talk about the pistol shortly (yes, you all know what that means), but the Hydra Launcher gun looks fantastic. Lots of sculpting detail, good proportions and multiple paint deco colors–the Halo 5 Hydra Launcher is one of the best weapons in this whole line thus far.

Spartan Air Assault Halo Mattel Figure with PistolThe Wrong:

There’s only a couple things I dislike about this six-inch figure, and all of them have to do with the weapons included. The main offender here is the pistol. Not only is it all black with no paint deco of any kind on it, but it’s clearly way way too big. The oversized pistol just looks silly to me.

Pistol Attached to Leg of Halo 6 Inch Air Assault SpartanIn addition, while there’s a short leg included to attach the pistol to the Spartan’s leg, the peg doesn’t go into the leg nearly far enough. As a result, it looks like the pistol is magically hovering next to the Air Assault Spartan’s leg. Lame.

Blue Spartan Air Assault Figure Holding Hydra LauncherFinally, as phenomenal as the Hydra Launcher weapon works, it’s really hard to give the 6″ figure a solid two-handed grasp on the gun–the plastic used on the hands is just too rubbery, and the gun is constantly trying to slip out of one hand as you position it in the other.

It’s certainly possible to get a two-handed grip on the gun, but it can definitely be frustrating doing so.

Spartan Air Assault Six Inch Figure Mattel

Overall: To my surprise, I might be happier with the overall look, feel, and posing potential of this Mattel Halo Air Assault Spartan six inch figure than any other figure in Halo Series 1. The lack of paint weathering isn’t much of an issue on this blue armor, the armor stays on well, the UNSC Hydra Launcher gun is beautifully detailed, and the deco on the Air Assault armor permutation is gorgeous.

Really, the only things I dislike about this figure are the immense size and awkwardness of the pistol, along with how difficult achieving two-handed poses with the Hydra Launcher turns out to be. A terrific multiplayer Spartan action figure that does an excellent job showing how much fun this new Halo Mattel line can be.



Mattel Halo Air Assault Spartan 6″ Figure Review & Photos — 7 Comments

  1. Great review! I’m waiting on my blue and red spartans. I have Linda, Chief and the elite officer and am very impressed so far. The articulation is much improved and the paint has not bothered me. (Major collector of the Joyride, so maybe I knew what to expect) Ive noticed that ALL the weapons seem to be a bit big, maybe to be more sturdy but poor Linda…..her sniper is huge! I noticed that you mention there are ankle rockers. I have not been able to swivel mine’s feet left/right on either figure. I know other reviews mention the ankle rockers as well so I’m wondering if mines just stuck. Also I would have preferred a ball joint in the elbows like the Mcfarlane has, but other than that, no complaints.

    I really do like the articulation though. I have chief in a one-leg running pose using a generic NECA stand, and he fits great! (Kudos to Mattel for adding a foot hole for stands)

    I do like the elites a bit more than the spartans mostly due to how Mcfarlane dug the spartans into the ground. I guess after collecting every single Mcfarlane and Joyride figure over the years, any unique enemy is a welcome to me. Overall I haven’t been this excited in Halo figures since the Halo 3 days! And super happy to have no stupid exclusives to hunt down, well other than the SDCC.

  2. 343 Industries had previously stated that the M6 Sidearm were upscaled 117% to fit the larger hand size of the Spartans. That in itself would be a plausible explanation for the scale of the weapon.

    • The trouble is that the gun is a humongous scale compared to the Spartans’ hands–moreso than it ever appears in the games.

  3. I plan on eventually grabbing all of the first wave anyway, but this review has really endeared me to the Air Assault Spartan (to whom I was previously “I can get this guy last”). :)

    Maybe the pistol is so huge so that it’d be harder for kids to lose it?

  4. Your review led me to get this figure after getting the red Helioskrill Spartan. I must say that the weapon selection, color, and general look of this figure make it contender for best in the line. I’m very happy with this multiplayer figure and I can’t wait to see what armors are chosen for the next wave of this series.

  5. I have always liked the air assault helmet variants in halo 5, the helmet is simple yet awesome and matches with most other cool armors :)

  6. I bought this figure and I cannot get his forearm armor up over his hand. Any suggestions. I haven’t bought any of these figures before and I don’t want to break it. Thanks.