Mattel Halo Ghost w/ Elite Officer 6″ Figure Up for Order!

While many collectors were hoping that we’d see an improvement in transparency when the master license for Halo toys and collectibles went to Mattel earlier this year, thus far Mattel has been far more opaque about their plans for Halo figures than even McFarlane Toys was. But after hearing basically nothing since Toy Fair 2016 in February, we finally know when the Mattel Halo 6″ Collector line will be released–because the first item in the line already has been! The Mattel Halo Covenant Ghost with 6″ Elite Officer figure is not only up for order, it’s actually in-stock and arriving in collectors’ hands this week!

Halo Collector's Line Covenant Ghost with Elite Officer Figure

When online scalper paradise ToyWiz got in a shipment of the Halo Mattel Ghost with Elite Officer action figure late last week, I honest to God thought it was some sort of crazy, once-in-a-lifetime mistake. After all, if the first major item from their highly-expensive Halo license was about to be released, surely Mattel would be sending out press releases and information regarding the series to keep news site and collectors in the loop… right?

Well, apparently not, as the Mattel Halo Ghost and Elite Officer six-inch action figure set is now hitting in a big way, and has appeared in-stock and available for two-day shipping via the internet’s largest retailer, Amazon! Crazy, right?!

Mattel Halo Ghost Vehicle and Elite Officer FigureAs Mattel has yet to send out one lick of information on this set, let me quote the official product description and features, care of Amazon…

Halo 6″ Ghost Vehicle and Elite Officer

  • Experience Halo battle action with the Ghost vehicle and 6″ Elite Officer figure!
  • Recreate exciting missions with the Covenant’s premier scouting vehicle in epic 105″ scale
  • Adjustable seat fits your favorite Spartan or Covenant figures
  • Includes fully articulated, removable 6″ Covenant Elite Officer with armor, Covenant Carbine weapon, and translucent display stand
  • Authentic game-inspired design

Back of Mattel Halo Ghost and Elite Action Figure SetThe Covenant’s premiere scouting vehicles, the Ghost is now available for the Halo 6” Collector’s Series action figure collection. A staple of Covenant ground forces, the Ghost uses its speed and maneuverability to take on patrolling and reconnaissance missions, or attack the UNSC in daring hit-and-run raids!

Mattel Halo Six Inch Ghost with Elite Action Figure Front of VehicleThe vehicle of choice for the Elites, the Ghost features articulated weapons/thrusters and comes with a highly articulated 6” Covenant Elite Officer figure so you can recreate epic Halo ground missions. With authentic, game-inspired design and a collector-quality finish, the Ghost vehicle is sure to thrill both casual and avid fans alike!”

In addition to the Covenant Ghost Vehicle and the Officer Elite six-inch figure, the boxed set will also include a super-cool clear flight stand for the Ghost to “levitate” on and a Covenant Carbine (with paint deco) for the Elite figure hold. And yes, I said “hold”–unlike the last few years of Sangheili from McFarlane Toys, the Mattel Elites can actually hold their guns. It’s a whole new world, I tell you!

Halo Ghost Mattel Vehice with Six Inch Elite FigureThe Mattel Halo Ghost and 6″ Elite Officer figure set is now available for order online, and is in-stock for immediate shipping. Most of the Halo Mega Bloks Summer 2016 sets that came into stock last month sold out and have yet to be replenished, so if you don’t want to risk waiting months for a restock on this 6″ vehicle set, I’d highly recommend snagging one in the very near-future. I foresee a fast sell-out on this shipment.

What do you think of the very first product released in the Mattel Halo 6″ Collector Line, Halo collectors? Are you planning to pick up this Covenant Ghost to see for yourself what level of quality we can look forward to from Mattel, or are you giving this new Collector’s Line the shaft for now?


Mattel Halo Ghost w/ Elite Officer 6″ Figure Up for Order! — 3 Comments

  1. I can’t pull the trigger on this yet; unit I see a fewreviews with a comparison the McFarlane Ghost are available yet. It’s times like this that I really miss man the old Halofigureforum. The guys on The Fwoosh boards are placing their orders as I type this, so the comparison reviews should be up sometime next week. I did fimd one video review on youtube, but it didn’t have a visual McFarlane comparison element in it.

    From what I remember from the youtube review:

    -ALL of the Elite’s (purple armor) is removable, leaving him in his under suit.
    – The armor is lacking in panit app, but the detailed under suit has few areas of silver here and there.
    – The Chest rmor is softer than the other armor parts and attaches via pegs.
    – Removable weapon pegs return.
    – The mouth and eyes are painted
    – Very little skin texture paint on the shoulders.
    – It looks like the hips have a wider range than the McHalo 4 Elite; similar to the McHalo Reach Elite’s waist range.
    – No hinge joint in either hand, but can hold the over size carbine well.
    – No secondary neck joint.
    – No ratcheting joints.
    – McHalo 3 Spartan type wrist joints.

    The Ghost is dark blue, has a sliding seat like the McFarlane one and a few moving parts; guns, fins, and control sticks. The base is all clear plastic including the lightning.That’s all I remember.

  2. Guys go over to The fwoosh video game forums; someone posted in hand comparison pics of the Mattel purple Elite to a Hasbro Marvel Legends Ironman figure along with a detailed review of the Elite figure.

    I would read the review before ording the ghost on

  3. Well I for one am really excited to finally get stuck into this new Mattel line and see what they have to offer.
    It looks cool, in good scale and only lacks in detail but makes up for it in more articulation.

    Sadly I’m in the UK so I’ll have to wait longer for my US order to get here, still hopeful though!