Halo Mega Bloks Spartan Tribute Pack Revealed! 20 Figures!

They say that big toy reveals come in threes (actually, I may have just made that up), and MEGA Brands proved that statement this fourth of July holiday weekend! First they debuted the monumental Halo Mega Bloks Hierarch’s Shade Convoy set, and then followed it up with the Halo 2 Anniversary Battleground battle pack. And to close out the weekend, MEGA had one more humongous Mega Bloks Halo set to announce: the Halo Mega Bloks Spartan Tribute Pack, which comes loaded with twenty Spartan Mark IV figures!

Halo Mega Bloks Spartan Tribute Pack Set with 20 Mark VI Spartans FiguresRaise your hand if you expected the final Mega Bloks Halo reveal of the 2014 RTX event to be a 20-pack of various-colored Halo Mega Bloks Spartan Mark IV figures. Anyone…? No…? I thought not. Me neither! Even so, I was delighted to see the last card MEGA Brands had up their sleeves to play at the event, in the form of this massive twenty figure Halo Mega Bloks Spartan Tribute Pack.

The pack includes twenty Spartan Mark IV Mega Bloks Halo figures that all share the original Halo Mega Bloks Spartan Mark IV body, but with different colors/paint applications.

This set contains the following figures (left to right, top row to bottom row): Purple Spartan Mark IV, Red Spartan Mark IV, Blue Spartan Mark IV, White Spartan Mark IV, Steel Spartan Mark IV, Crimson Spartan Mark IV, Zombie Spartan Mark IV, Pink Spartan Mark IV, Copper Spartan Mark IV, Lime Spartan Mark IV, Tan Spartan Mark IV, Orange Spartan Mark IV, Yellow Spartan Mark IV, Cyan Spartan Mark IV, Smoke (Translucent Grey) Spartan Mark IV, Sage Spartan Mark IV, Gold Spartan Mark IV, Silver Spartan Mark IV, Cobalt Spartan Mark IV, and Translucent Blue Spartan Mark IV. Whew! That’s a lot of Mark IV Spartans!

Red vs Blue Spartans Rooster Teeth Season 10 Poster

I know some of you may have noticed some “similarities” to a few RvB characters in this set (*cough* Doc, Sarge, Caboose, Wyoming, Tex, Simmons, Doughnut, Lopez, Grif, Tucker, Church, Ghost Church*cough*), but MEGA Brands doesn’t owe the rights to any of the Rooster Teeth characters or names, so don’t expect the package for this set to say anything about any beloved characters from RvB.

That said, once these figures are in your collection, you can feel free to name or rename them anything you like, so if you want to have your own unofficial Ghost of Church Mega Bloks figure, well… this is it!

The set will also include a veritable treasure trove of Halo weapons, including: a Battle Rifle, a Shotgun, Plasma Pistols, an Assault Rifle, a DMR, a Silenced SMG, an SMG, a Flamethrower, a Smokey Translucent Grey Needler, Magnums, a Spartan Laser, a Translucent Green Energy Sword, Frag Grenades, a Covenant Carbine, a pair of (different) Sniper Rifles, a Grenade Launcher, a Translucent Blue Brute Spiker, and a Rocket Launcher. These are probably not the Spartans you wanna mess with!

Halo Mega Bloks Ultimate Combat Pack 97233 Set ExclusiveThe Halo Mega Bloks Spartan Tribute Pack set is another Toys R Us exclusive, which means that the price will likely be inflated above and beyond what we’d like to pay for it. The Halo Mega Bloks Ultimate Combat Pack 97233 was released last year with a shelf price of $50-$60, but was thankfully available on Black Friday 2013 for just $29.99. Could we see the Halo Mega Bloks Spartan Tribute set on sale for half price come Black Friday 2014? Let’s hope so!

How do you like this year’s most figure-packed Halo Mega Bloks set, Halo collectors? Is the Spartan Tribute Pack Halo Mega Bloks set everything you ever dreamed of, or would you have preferred a different mega-set that contained something other than twenty of the exact same figure painted differently?


Halo Mega Bloks Spartan Tribute Pack Revealed! 20 Figures! — 30 Comments

  1. Really wished they had done this with the halo wars/Halo CE marines as it looks like we’ll only be getting Halo 2 and halo 4 marines

  2. I was honestly hoping when i saw this that they were the new design, but I am glad to be getting so many colored spartans!

  3. did every one ever thout of this that its brute year because of all the sets with brutes

    • They’re not the RvB characters these are the Mk. IV (4) spartan molds RvB characters only use Mk. VI (6) with the exception of caboose who wears Mk. V (5) and some freelancers who used specialised armor such as EVA, Rogue and EOD

      • Officially they’re not the RvB characters, but they do have their colors. Why do you think people are gonna buy this? Just for 20 randomly colored spartans? No. They’re going to buy it to have the RvB characters in their MB Halo collection.

        Even Dabid points out the RvB thing half way through.

        • No half the people that buy it won’t even know what red vs blue is. So yes people will want random coloured Spartans we’re not all the same people who like the same colours over n over this set fits most people as they can get colours they want. Official or Unofficial it’s not red vs blue they’re not even “not” red vs blue it’s the wrong armor

          • Also if they’re meant to be red vs blue characters why not have the red vs blue name attached to them and make it official as Rooster Teeth and Mega must have a good relationship after all these where RTX reveals I’m pretty sure mega would be able to get permission to use the official RvB names. Again They are not Red vs Blue 1) Wrong armor 2) No official name when mega and RT clearly have a good relationship good enough for permission to use the official names I would say

          • Nobody ever said they were “meant to be” the RvB character. And it doesn’t matter if it’s “the wrong armor”. The armor doesn’t matter. The colors do, and that was also pointed out by Dabid. So, no, they are NOT meant to be the RvB characters, but many people who buy this that have seen RvB are going to use them as the RvB characters.

            Simple as that. Is that too hard to comprehend?

        • ADH, if ignikamarcus wants to call them rvb characters then let him. I know they are not actual rvb characters but if he wants to make videos, or whatever, you’re just spoiling it for him, ADH. I acted like the white Spartan was Wyoming. Just stop.

  4. I’m surprised they haven’t come out with a set like this with Mark VI Spartans for the release of Halo 2 Anniversary, nonetheless cool set, I will be laughing quite hard if we get any type of covenant tribute set like this (either elite or brute i guess) I wouldn’t know what to do with them! I had a hard time with the orange and cyan figures released in the Ultimate Combat Pack.

  5. Don’t get me wrong I love red vs blue and the similarities of the characters in this set, but I really wish that this set would be a halo 4 multiplayer mashup, so you might be thinking what does that mean? Well, if this set had all different halo 4 for Spartans with the new interchangeable armor species, and all new paint jobs the sales would skyrocket! There was one other thing I would like to get off my tongue, Halo megabloks, if you’re going to make Halo 4 sets then can you please put in actually Halo 4 weapons instead of Halo reach weapons, and I know it’s a lot to make new models for weapon but it just the great guys. So, overall I pretty much like the set only for the one exception of the similarities to the red vs blue characters I might have a shelf labeled, red vs blue and just put all the figures that look like the ones from her vs blue and put them up.

  6. Does any one know if this one is also going to be $60 or if mega bloks and toys r us decided to lower the price this time?

  7. Or perhaps a Marine set with Marines from every game. It could include basic soldiers, Sergeants, Captains etc….

  8. Does anyone know if this set is coming to the uk. I’m to get this but i’d rather get in down in a normal toy shop rather getting on amazon or ebay at a really ridiculous price.