Halo Mega Bloks Blue Series Falcon 97204 Revealed!

It doesn’t happen very often–at all–but sometimes MEGA Brands manages to get a finished Halo Mega Bloks set placed all the way up on their website before anyone knows a thing about the set. Such a rare and magical occurrence just took place in the last few days, as on the official Mega Bloks website, the previously unannounced and totally unexpected Halo Mega Bloks Blue Series Falcon 97204 silently made its debut!

Mega Bloks Halo Falcon Blue Series Set Target Exclusive 2013

The UNSC Falcon had been one of the more desirable Halo Mega Bloks sets on the aftermarket, as it was one of the few non-exclusives to make my Top 10 List of Most Expensive Halo Mega Bloks sets a few months back. MEGA Brands must have heard the demand for the UNSC Falcon Mega Bloks set loud and clear, because they’re bringing us not one, but two exclusive UNSC Falcon redeco sets this summer! To get two exclusive repaints of the same vehicle at the same time is a very strange phenomenon, and I don’t think it’s ever occurred before for Halo Mega Bloks.

The first (and better) repaint of the Mega Bloks Halo Falcon is the black Flood Hunters Falcon in Covert Ops colors that I talked about last month. The second is this just-revealed Halo Mega Bloks Blue Series Falcon repaint. I’m going to be honest here–I don’t like this redeco. If I was going to buy a repaint of the Falcon, it would be the Covert Ops version. The combination of silver and bright blue paint on the Blue Series looks pretty jarring to me, and I just can’t see this being a set that I’m going to feel the need to own–especially not when there’s a better version out at the same time.

Halo Mega Bloks Blue Falcon 97204 Figures Blue Kat and Jorge Noble Squad

Two Halo Mega Bloks figures are included with the Blue Falcon 97204: a blue Spartan Air Assault figure and a blue Spartan Grenadier figure. These are essentially palette-swapped versions of Noble Squad Kat and Jorge, which makes them fun repaints in my eyes (although not necessarily figure repaints I feel the need to own personally.

Halo Mega Bloks Blue Series Falcon 97204The Mega Bloks website is currently listing this as a $39.99 mass release set available at all the usual stores, but that’s almost definitely an error. The rest of the Mega Bloks Halo Blue Series is a Target exclusive, and presumably this set should be as well. To my knowledge this set has not been offered up to other retailers, so it should still only be available at Target stores later this summer.

Thanks to the many readers who sent messages and left comments to give me the heads-up on this new Blue UNSC Falcon Halo Mega Bloks set! I don’t visit the Mega Bloks website very often, so it would have otherwise been ages before I realized that this set had been put up there!

What do you think about the Blue Series Falcon, Halo fans? Are you up for another UNSC Falcon Mega Bloks set, or are the two previously released versions enough for you?


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