CODE NUMBER LIST: Halo Mega Bloks Series 7 Mystery Packs Blind Bags

It seems like it’s been an eternity since I’ve had a new Halo Mega Bloks blind bagged Hero Packs codes list to post. MEGA Brands must think so, too, because they’ve doubled up the Halo Mega Bloks Series 7 assortment! Now, instead of having eight figures (plus wacky colored Active Camo mystery figures) to hunt down, we’ve got a whopping sixteen Mega Bloks Halo Series 7 figures to hunt for (plus a record four fruit-chew colored Mystery Figures)!Β  And as always, Halo Toy News is compiling a list of all the Halo Mega Bloks Series 7 codes as a reference for Halo collectors everywhere…

Halo Mega Bloks Series 7 Figures Elite Zealot Spec Ops Grunt Security Spartan

The Halo Mega Bloks Series 7 96978 mystery pack blind bags have just been released in Asia as of the start of July 2013. It’s likely going to be several weeks before the new Series 7 Halo Mega Bloks figures start hitting retail in the United States and other countries, but I figured we might as well start getting the Halo Mega Bloks Series 7 code numbers list together now!

Halo Mega Bloks Series 7 Rare Figures Spartans

The Series 7 Halo Mega Bloks 96978 Hero Packs are different from the prior sets of blind bags because while there is still only one Ultra-Rare figure in the assortment (the must-have Steel Spartan Security figure that is the apple of my eye), there are five Rare figures this time around: the Yellow EOD Spartan, the Black CQB Spartan, the Black Mark V[B] Spartan, the Crimson Jump Pack Brute and the White Scout Spartan. These will hopefully not be too hard to find, because that Black Spartan CQB figure is to die for, and everyone is going to want the Black Mark V[B] Spartan that looks like Noble-6 (but legally isn’t).

Also, keep in mind that most of the Halo Mega Bloks Series 7 figures are already available for around the same price of buying them in stores on ebay right now. If your stores don’t stock frequently or you can’t find the figures you want there, it may be easier (and less expensive in time and gas) to just order them straight-up online.

The known Halo Mega Bloks Series 7 code number list is as follows:

Black Halo 4 UNSC Marine [Common] — A01043MM, A06053MM

Blue Spartan Mark VI [Common] — A02043MM, A07053MM

Blue Covenant Elite Zealot [Common] — A03043MM, A08053MM

Green UNSC Marine [Common] — 05043MM, A09053MM

White Spartan Scout [Rare] — 08043MM, A10053MM

Yellow Spartan EOD [Rare] — A09043MM, A13053MM

Purple Covenant Elite Commando [Common] — A10043MM, A14053MM

Crimson Brute Jump Pack [Rare] — A11043MM

Black UNSC Spartan CQB [Rare] — A12043MM, A16053MM

Gold Covenant Grunt [Common] — A15043MM, A17053MM

Green Covenant Grunt [Common] — A16043MM, A20053MM

Green Human Flood [Common] — A17043MM, A21053MM

Desert UNSC ODST [Common] — A24043MM, A28053MM

Cobalt Covenant Spec Ops Grunt [Common] — A25043MM, A29053MM

Black Spartan Mark V[B] (Not Noble 6) [Rare] — A26043MM, A30053MM

Silver Spartan Security [Ultra Rare] — A29043MM, A31053MM

Green Translucent Spartan Warrior [Mystery Figure #1] — A18043MM, A22053MM

Yellow Translucent Master Chief [Mystery Figure #2] — A19043MM

Orange Translucent Elite Ultra w/ Jump Pack Brute [Mystery Figure #3] — A22043MM

Blue Translucent Elite Ultra [Mystery Figure #4] — A23043MM

I’ll update this list as the Mega Bloks Halo Series 7 figures start to hit more and more markets and additional codes come to light. As usual, I’ll need your help, readers! If you purchase a Halo Mega Bloks Series 7 Blind Bag with a code not on this list, please scroll on down to the “Leave a Reply” box and let everyone know what figure you pulled and what its corresponding code is. This will help everyone to complete their Halo Mega Bloks Series 7 figures collection as quickly (and cheaply) as possible!


CODE NUMBER LIST: Halo Mega Bloks Series 7 Mystery Packs Blind Bags — 178 Comments

    • Found code A23042MM yesterday, and it is a double figure, I just don’t know yet since I am saving it for my son’s birthday. Just letting everyone know the code.

      • Today I bought another bonus pack A27053MM but again I will not know which bonus figure I got until my son’s birthday. Just letting you know the code again. Have fun hunting!

  1. I just bought some series 7 packs from amazon but on amazon they say its series 4, u have to look at the picture

  2. I cant find these anywhere!!! Im really disappointed. I was hoping to get them a my target buti cant find any. Do you know if they sell them in target yet?

    • Series 7 has not been released yet in any local store chain in America. They’ll likely start to hit Toys R Us, Walmart and Target stores toward the end of July.

        • actually where i live they will have them in stores on the 15th the target i go to releases stuff as soon as they get it.

    • Actually noble six doesn’t have the UA attachment, the original noble six, Thom, did. However you could be right, i have seen a few concept art pictures that gave him the UA attachment. But those pictures may just be Thom.

  3. What?! You already have it? O yea, ba toys already has them. Also i thought TWO figures were in just a bag :( but really what was i thinking πŸ˜›

  4. A08043MM UNSC White Spartan Scout
    A09043MM UNSC Yellow Spartan EOD
    A10043MM Convenant Purple Elite Commando
    A11043MM Convenant Brute Crimson Jump Pack
    A22043MM Orange Translucent Elite with Brute Jump Pack

    Got it on Monday!!! The first pack I open was the orange transulucent Elite. Comes with an extra Brute Jump Pack. Knew it was special cause the bag was much bulkier!!!

  5. No the orange translucent comes with an extra brute with the jump pack. U cannot miss this bag, much bulkier than the others. I brought a box of 24 from BA toys and got lucky

  6. Yes the orange translucent basically has 2 figures inside. Very cool. On the previous series the purple elite came with an extra marine

  7. i rly want the yellow translucent master cheif but it more of a light orange than yellow and i want the silver spartan security figure wish me luck

  8. hey guys watch this it is a halo machinima movie. u will love it it is funny sad all feelings basically. it talks about friendship and betrayal. i hope u love it

  9. thank you for posting this! the only thing i am confused by is the fact that we get a rare figure as the ‘bonus’ for the mystery figure. in series 6 we got a common figure.

    • I think the four different Mystery figures may all come with different blind bag commmon/rare figures. I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

      • guys it is basically a chance of a rare u may most likely get a common
        except for the orange so maybe if u get a master cheif u might get a common it is basically a permanent figure u get with them wish me luck for the ultra rare and translucent figs

  10. Hi guys just found a case here at toys r us in southern cali. Got a number 18043 turned out to be a white scout with a clear green spartan warrior

  11. I found a box of 22 at Meijer in Illinois. It had the ten commons and the five rates, but no ultra rare or mystery figures. The seven left over were all commons.

  12. Yesterday I went to a wall greens and they had 7 series 7 mystery packs I bought them all and I got a translucent Blue zealot with the black cqb spartan

  13. Just opened clear blue zealot and clear orange. My little brother got the entire collection except the silver spartan and the clear yellow figure for 30$ at toys r us >_<

  14. Already out in the Chicago area at toys r us and walmart. Already gotten the common marine, gold grunt, and the cobalt Spartan w/railgun. Thank you for the codes now I can hopefully find the rare ones instead of getting 20 commons.

    • An update to my search, after seeing the codes and writing them down I hit the stores today and in one fell swoop I picked up 4 out of 5 rares. Toys R Us is good right now with a buy one get one half off sale on all mega bloks so got 4 for less than $10. And thanks to A Barry Scott for the code for the translucent master chief.

  15. i got the tan odst gold grunt crimson brute jump pack human flood black marine elite
    zealot purple commando unsc marine cqb spartan spartan mark Vb blue translusent zealot and silver security spartan

  16. New codes are showing up. I’m at TRU right now, and these codes are ending in 53 now, not 43. Any available info on this?

  17. So I took the plunge and found out that yes: The Series 7 codes are either changing or are stacking. I opened the 6 that I got with new codes and here’s what I came up with:

    A31053MM – Ultra Rare Spartan Security
    A30053MM – Rare Mark V Spartan
    A28053MM – Desert ODST
    A14053MM – Purple Covenant Elite Commando
    A29053MM – Blue Spec Ops Grunt
    A21053MM – Green Flood Combat Form

    I’m happy I landed the Ultra and the Rare, but I really want to get those mystery figures. I may go back tonight to hunt the other pack numbers I haven’t picked up. This was a fresh, brand new box, and none of the packs within had any of the old codes. Just a friendly heads up for everyone.

  18. Picked up a couple today with the new 53 codes…
    steel security ultra rare A31053MM
    yellow eod rare A13053MM
    purple elite zealot A08053MM
    These are the three I got, will be searching and buying to help others.

  19. So I picked up 10 bags at Toys R Us today.

    I didn’t know about the 53MM code swap, so I got 7 blindly, 2 I thought were rare figures based off of the 43MM codes (Yellow EOD and White Scout that I already had, but wanted another of), and I was really excited, thinking I had the Ultra Rare Security Spartan, only to get home and find out it was a stupid Spec Ops Grunt :(

    So, to help everyone out, here is the codes for the ten figures I got, all of which are the 53MM code variant

    Covenant Elite Commando – A14053MM
    Green Human Flood – A21053MM
    Desert UNSC ODST – A28053MM
    Green Covenant Grunt – A20053MM
    Covenant Elite Zealot – A08053MM
    Covenant Grunt Spec Ops – A29053MM
    Green UNSC Marine – A09053MM
    Gold Covenant Grunt – A17053MM
    UNSC Spartan Mark VI – A07053MM
    Black Halo 4 UNSC Marine – A06053MM

    Hope this helps some people out!

  20. So just to recap where we are as of today…

    43 Codes

    Green Translucent Spartan Warrior β€” A18043MM
    Yellow Translucent Master Chief β€” A19043MM
    Orange Translucent Elite Ultra β€” A22043MM
    Blue Translucent Elite Ultra β€” A23043MM

    53 Codes

    Black Halo 4 UNSC Marine [Common] β€” A06053MM
    Blue Spartan Mark VI [Common] β€” A07053MM
    Blue Covenant Elite Zealot [Common] β€” A08053MM
    Green UNSC Marine [Common] β€” A09053MM
    White Spartan Scout [Rare] β€” ????
    Yellow Spartan EOD [Rare] β€” A13053MM
    Purple Covenant Elite Commando [Common] β€” A14053MM
    Crimson Brute Jump Pack [Rare] β€” ????
    Black UNSC Spartan CQB [Rare] β€” A16053MM
    Gold Covenant Grunt [Common] β€” A17053MM
    Green Covenant Grunt [Common] β€” A20053MM
    Green Human Flood [Common] β€” A21053MM
    Desert UNSC ODST [Common] β€” A28053MM
    Cobalt Covenant Spec Ops Grunt [Common] β€” A29053MM
    Black Spartan Mark V[B] (Not Noble 6) [Rare] β€” A30053MM
    Silver Spartan Security [Ultra Rare] β€” A31053MM
    Green Translucent Spartan Warrior β€” A22053MM
    Yellow Translucent Master Chief β€” ????
    Orange Translucent Elite Ultra β€” ????
    Blue Translucent Elite Ultra β€” ????

    That look about right?

  21. hi does any one know if series 7 is released in Australia yet? Also if the codes for previous series runs true for Aus as in the northern hemisphere countries

  22. Just got a Crimson Brute Jump Pack with the code 15053. I believe that completes the 53s with the exception of the mystery figures.

  23. I got one of the clear green Spartan Warriors A22053MM and it seems to me that the figure was cheaply made compared to other series’ clear mystery figures. The pieces don’t snap together as well, the head looks odd like its a slightly different color and sits right on the body so it isn’t posable, and the arms stick out a mile from the torso. Also the plastic bits where it was attached to a mold are visible. Any one else notice this?

    • Yep. At one point I was almost certain they had accidentally given me mismatched pieces. Some parts of the Blue Elite look purple and it’s head seems to hover over where a neck should be.

    • the green trans warrior is pretty much identical to the one that came with the mantis so this isn’t a “trans” figure issue. Yes the warrior mold for both trans and mantis has a not really poseable head and the arms stick out a bit on both of them as well.

      the pieces don’t snap together (easily) because mega has started adding a different shaped ball joint, making the pieces harder to snap together but also allowing a tighter and longer lasting fit. They started doing this in series 6. but yes they are much more of a pain to put together.

      as for the slightly different color head, mega uses about two different kinds of plastics on these figs that I can tell. the socket pieces (head, upper arms, upper legs) are made of a softer plastic then the rest of the figure, for obvious reasons, but this does result in a variation in color, and this is on all of the figs actually, but it’s more noticeable on the transparent figures, but it still does happen with the clear ones too.

      if you take a close look at your clear figs in a good light, you’ll notice that there is a difference between the softer plastic parts and the rest of the fig. I’ve seen this vary from figure to figure, likely due to the kind of exposure it’s had to light, heat, moisture, chemicals etc. I have an AC flame marine that I’ve pretty much stored in a ziplock for about 3 years and his color is pretty even, but I did get another one in a trade and that figure had some serious yellowing of the softer plastic parts.

    • yes, he comes with a backpack that is in that new “desert” color. the backpack is pretty cool cause it matches with the cauldron clash marine as well.

      2 right legs?… yeah that happens pretty often. two right legs, two left legs. someone on spartanbloks got a yellow trans mark VI spartan that had the correct upper legs but two of the same lower leg.

      sadly, it happens. not SUPER often, but if you buy a lot of mystery packs you will run in to at least one or two in your lifetime, and when it happens to YOU, it feels like it happens a lot.

  24. New codes out there as of this post. They are the ones with the stars so now there is 043, 053, and 063 versions:

    White Spartan Scout [Rare] β€” ***A07063MM***,08043MM, A10053MM

    Yellow Spartan EOD [Rare] β€” A09043MM, ***A10063MM***, A13053MM

    Purple Covenant Elite Commando [Common] β€” A10043MM, ***A11063MM***, A14053MM

    Crimson Brute Jump Pack [Rare] β€” A11043MM, ***A13063MM***

    Black UNSC Spartan CQB [Rare] β€” A12043MM, ***A14063MM*** A16053MM

    Cobalt Covenant Spec Ops Grunt [Common] β€” A25043MM, ***A29063MM***, A29053MM

    Black Spartan Mark V[B] (Not Noble 6) [Rare] β€” A26043MM, ***A27063MM***, A30053MM

    Silver Spartan Security [Ultra Rare] β€” ***A28063MM***, A29043MM, A31053MM

    • I realize the june code you have for the spec ops grunt was probably a typo but I have one and his code is actually A26063MM. Also A29063MM would have meant his batch date was on a saturday, which I haven’t seen a saturday batch code yet.

      honest mistake though as I assume you used the number pad and accidentally hit the 9 which is right above the 6.

  25. 17063 I’ve found all of em with the 43 and 53 codes they all seem to match the codes I’ve found here. the only 2 I need is the cobalt and yellow grunt and I can only find the 63 codes around now. does anyone know the yellow grunt’s 63 code or can confirm the cobalt’s? thanx

    Also I the 63 code for the green grunt is A17063MM. just found him tonight.

  26. I have 10 of the 16 figures in the 63 batch(in the US – found at Target). Here’s the codes so far.

    A03063MM- Black UNSC Marine
    A04063MM- UNSC Spartan Mark VI
    A05063MM- Covenant Elite Zealot
    A06063MM- Green UNSC Marine
    A07063MM- UNSC Spartan Scout
    A10063MM- Yellow UNSC Spartan EOD
    A13063MM- Red Covenant Brute
    A15063MM- Gold Covenant Grunt
    A18063MM- Flood Combat Form
    A25063MM- Tan UNSC ODST

    I have seen codes 11063, 28063, and 17063 but was unable to purchase them so I don’t know what they contain. I am still missing codes for three figures.

    • Others here have said:

      A11063MM is Purple Covenant Elite Commando
      A17063MM is Green Covenant Grunt

      Still unsure what 28063 contains, and I am still missing six figures:

      – Covenant Elite Commando
      – Green Covenant Grunt
      – Special Ops Covenant Grunt
      – UNSC Spartan CQB
      – UNSC Spartan Mark V
      – UNSC Spartan Security

      I am also missing all four mystery figures. If anyone gets the codes for any of these figures, I’d love to know about them.

  27. SERIES 7
    AS OF SEPT.29, 2013

    Black Halo 4 UNSC Marine [Common] β€” A01043MM, A06053MM, A03063MM

    Blue Spartan Mark VI [Common] β€” A02043MM, A07053MM, A04063MM

    Blue Covenant Elite Zealot [Common] β€” A03043MM, A08053MM, A05063MM

    Green UNSC Marine [Common] β€” 05043MM, A09053MM, A06063MM

    White Spartan Scout [Rare] β€” 08043MM, A10053MM, A07063MM

    Yellow Spartan EOD [Rare] β€” A09043MM, A13053MM, A10063MM

    Purple Covenant Elite Commando [Common] β€” A10043MM, A14053MM, A11063MM

    Crimson Brute Jump Pack [Rare] β€” A11043MM, A13063MM

    Black UNSC Spartan CQB [Rare] β€” A12043MM, A16053MM, A14063MM

    Gold Covenant Grunt [Common] β€” A15043MM, A17053MM, A15063MM

    Green Covenant Grunt [Common] β€” A16043MM, A20053MM, A17063MM

    Green Human Flood [Common] β€” A17043MM, A21053MM, A18063MM

    Desert UNSC ODST [Common] β€” A24043MM, A28053MM, A25063MM

    Cobalt Covenant Spec Ops Grunt [Common] β€” A25043MM, A29053MM, A26063MM

    Black Spartan Mark V[B] (Not Noble 6) [Rare] β€” A26043MM, A30053MM, A27063MM

    Silver Spartan Security [Ultra Rare] β€” A29043MM, A31053MM, A28063MM

    Green Translucent Spartan Warrior [Mystery Figure #1] β€” A18043MM, A22053MM,

    Yellow Translucent Master Chief [Mystery Figure #2] β€” A19043MM,

    Orange Translucent Elite Ultra w/ Jump Pack Brute [Mystery Figure #3] β€” A22043MM, A24053MM

    Blue Translucent Elite Ultra [Mystery Figure #4] β€” A23043MM, A27053MM

  28. I’ll post the mystery figure numbers as soon as I stop making a profit selling them. But guys, as long as you eliminate the numbers already on the list it’s pretty easy to feel the leftover bags and determine if there are two figures in them.

  29. Wow! I didn’t even know this existed. This is awesome. I picked up two packs yesterday (A Covenant Spec Ops Grunt and a UNSC ODST) and was hoping for something nice. (I liked what I got.) So I saw the codes and after forever trying to see it, I saw it and compared- and it was there. Now the next time I go to Wal-Mart I can look for a Scout :). Thanks for the codes, everyone ^^ Now I won’t blow money guessing. xD

  30. All I need is the orange translucent elite, keep looking since all the stores carry these now but are seeing more of the 63 codes .

    • Marc, I have an extra orange if you have a blue, green, or yellow to trade for it. I will even throw in a couple UR’s. I need to find these for sal and Joey.

  31. ok peeps out there, I now have a total of 6 green trans. 5 of which I am willing to trade “I am looking and am in need of the other 3 mystery figures,”” Preferably the 63 codes unopened.”

  32. Have yet to find the ultra rare or translucents…..highest is rares. Was at a target and found ripped open packs stashed behind other toy boxes and checked numbers and were like 30063 and 31063 so who ever stole them must of knew they were the good ones. So annoying….

  33. So, all I wanted were Green Halo 3-style Marines, and converted Marine Flood combat forms.

    Instead I found a Silver Security Spartan and a Crimson Jump Pack Brute .

    The irony is far from lost on me.

  34. This is my first post on Halo Toy News, but I am a VERY appreciative Aunt who has used the codes posted here to find “gotta have” figures starting with Series 6 for my nephews. Being able to identify and then purchase ONLY those figures on their “wish lists” for birthdays & holidays has saved me (and my nephews & their parents) LOADS of frustration and $$$! Many thanks to Dabid and everyone who has posted here! That being said, I now get to “give back” a TINY bit. Found a 23053 at Wal-Mart yesterday and opened it–it’s a Yellow Translucent Master Chief w/ the Yellow Spartan EOD.

  35. 63 codes:

    A03063MM – UNSC Marine (Black)
    A04063MM – UNSC Spartan Mark IV
    A05063MM – Covenant Elite Zealot
    A06063MM – UNSC Marine (Green)
    A07063MM – UNSC Spartan Scout
    A10063MM – UNSC Spartan EOD
    A11063MM – Covenant Elite Commando
    A13063MM – Covenant Brute Jump Pack
    A14063MM – UNSC Spartan CQB
    A15063MM – Covenant Grunt (Yellow)
    A17063MM – Covenant Grunt (Green)
    A18063MM – Flood Combat Form
    A21063MM – Orange Translucent Elite Ultra
    A25063MM – UNSC ODST
    A26063MM – Covenant Grunt Special Ops
    A27063MM – UNSC Spartan Mark V
    A28063MM – UNSC Spartan Security

  36. Just got a 24063 and 30063 at a Walgreens. Will confirm what they are once I open them. Seeing some people say the 20063 might be a translucent I can’t remember if I saw that or am confusing it with 10063. Will have to see if I can remember which Walgreens I saw it at. Also found a 22053 hiding behind some power rangers blind bags box at a different Walgreens. At least 2 should be translucents based on posts. Haven’t seen any posts on what 30063 is… If so, today was a good day…

  37. Can confirm 24063 was Blue Translucent with Black Spartan CQB as extra figure. Very cool to get a rare fig as extra fig. The base for translucent has no number code. The black base is 24063. 22053 is Green Translucent with White Spartan. Same thing with base. I actually had 30053not 30063. Don’t think there is a 30063. Didn’t open last one as think I have it already from the 053 series.

  38. Has anyone ever gotten A21063MM? I have two and do not see it no any list (checked several different sources and yet to find it). I was told by the guy who sold to me this was a Mystery figure due to weight of the package. I bought 4 of them from him and he was good on the other two, i.e they were both Mystery figures. Thanks in advance, Eric

  39. Oops I did just now find it in the posting here.

    A21063MM is the AC Elite Orange Ultra per Seven on 10/30/13. Thanks and the method may have worked…>20g is a Mystery Figure.

    I have (3) AC Elite Orange Ultra’s now if anyone is looking for one. Let me know. Take care.

  40. I can finally die a happy man but the other day I finally got the translucent orange elite, I now have all the translucent and all the rare ones from this series.

  41. Ok update here!!!!! new 83 codes are out, in SW Oregon. 5 boxes on a shelf Friday night at walmart in Grants Pass. Out of all 5 boxes I came across only 1 mystery A19083MM. I know it is a mystery because of all the pieces in the pack. I collect them unopened so I can not confirm which trans it is. Also a note to hunters 15, 16, 17, 18, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 are not mystery either.

    • so that would make 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23 possible mysteries. 19 is for sure, but it doesn’t follow the 7 gap norm of numbers. GREEN FLOOD (then TRANS) Desert UNSC

      • Ok; so 20083 is the yellow EOD spartan with Trans Yellow Chief with DMR – word of warning though as my mystery is missing his right arm :(

        23083 is desert ODST

      • New working list should help any one with 83 codes please post so i can add SR=MF
        Black Halo 4 UNSC Marine [C] A01043MM A06053MM A03063MM
        Blue Spartan Mark VI [C] A02043MM A07053MM A04063MM
        Blue Covenant Elite Zealot [C] A03043MM A08053MM A05063MM
        Green UNSC Marine [C] A05043MM A09053MM A06063MM
        White Spartan Scout [R] A08043MM A10053MM A07063MM
        Yellow Spartan EOD [R] A09043MM A13053MM A10063MM
        Purple Covenant Elite Commando [C] A10043MM A14053MM A11063MM
        Crimson Brute Jump Pack [R] A11043MM A15053MM A13063MM
        Black UNSC Spartan CQB [R] A12043MM A16053MM A14063MM A13083MM
        Gold Covenant Grunt [C] A15043MM A17053MM A15063MM
        Green Covenant Grunt [C] A16043MM A20053MM A17063MM
        Green Human Flood [C] A17043MM A21053MM A18063MM
        Green Translucent Spartan Warrior [SR] A18043MM A22053MM A19063MM A19083MM
        Yellow Translucent Master Chief [SR] A19043MM A23053MM A20063MM
        Orange Translucent Elite [SR] A22043MM A24053MM A21063MM
        Blue Translucent Elite Ultra [SR] A23043MM A27053MM A24063MM
        Desert UNSC ODST [C] A24043MM A28053MM A25063MM A23083MM
        Cobalt Covenant Spec Ops Grunt [C] A25043MM A29053MM A26063MM
        Black Spartan Mark V[B] [R] A26043MM A30053MM A27063MM
        Silver Spartan Security [UR] A29043MM A31053MM A28063MM

  42. Thanks updated the list I have thanks, any one have the ’73 codes? I will add them to the master list I’ve made so far I haven’t seen any of the ’73 series out here in central Illinois most walmarts in the area have gone from ’63 series to ’83

    • Brand new boxes full of the 073 codes here in central AZ, does anyone know what the 73 codes are yet? Please? I’m trying to find the last few trans figures so my son can finish his collection. I use them as reward incentives for behavior and helping out.

  43. Just to point out – the ’83 numbers seem to be identical to the ’63 numbers…. just with an 83 on the end instead OFC πŸ˜€

  44. The black spartan mark V is 27083..any 83 mystery figure codes would be very appreciated! My son saves his chore money to buy these and he’s got a couple from his wish list thanks to this site but id like to surprise him with some super rare ones for christmas..thanks!

  45. Hi!
    I didn’t even know Series 8 of the Mystery Packs was coming out, but next thing I know, it was found locally here in Melbourne, Australia! Check it out on the Repacked Podcast!

    Thanks :)

  46. 23053 is translucent yellow chief with yellow EOD spartan – picked it up this evening (happy as it replaced my one that was missing an arm but now has 2 dmr’s and asda in the UK is currently charging 98p per blind bag due to a pricing error πŸ˜€

  47. Hey Dabid. I love this sight. I do. I referance this page about 10-15 times a week, and I’ve done so for quite some time now. So update the f^%€+β€’g thing. Please.

  48. I’ve visited this site quite often to find codes for the Halo figures my son is looking for and it has been extremely helpful while saving me $$$ from purchasing duplicates. That said, I would like to return the favor with some codes for series 8 that we found earlier today. I realize this is a comment area for series 7 so feel free to move this to the proper location admin.
    These codes are for series 8 that we found at Toys R Us in northeast Ohio. We purchased one each of the different numbers in the box but unfortunately it had been picked nearly clean already.

    A10103MM – Covenant Storm Elite
    A15103MM – UNSC Spartan Air Assault
    A08103MM – UNSC Spartan Operator

  49. Still no Series 8 here in Kansas (we are behind in EVERYTHING), but I found an “83” Series 7 mystery figure–22083. I opened it and can confirm it’s a Blue Trans Elite Ultra and the UNSC Spartan CQB.

  50. I’ve been hunting for Series 8 and found one case, but here are some other 073 and 083 Series 7 packs I have picked up recently:

    A23073MM – Blue Translucent Elite Ultra with Black UNSC Spartan CQB
    A24073MM – UNSC Desert ODST
    A26073MM – Black Spartan Mark V[B]

    A12083MM – Crimson Brute Jump Pack
    A23083MM – UNSC Desert ODST
    A27083MM – Black Spartan Mark V[B]

  51. A19073MM – Translucent Yellow A/C MasterChief(MYSTERY) with Yellow UNSC EOD(RARE)
    A03073MM – Blue UNSC Spartan Mark VI

  52. This has been asked and answered a dozen times above –


    On the reverse left side of the foil package, stamped into the seam. Near the 343i, and Mega brands Logos.

  53. Series 7 ‘073’ codes

    Codes I personally confirmed (7) :

    A02073MM, Black Halo 4 Marine (common)
    A04073MM, Blue Covenant Elite Zealot (common)
    A08073MM, White Spartan Scout (rare)
    A10073MM, Pruple Covenant Elite Commando (common)
    A11073MM, Crimson Covenant Jump Pack Brute (rare)
    A12073MM, Black Spartan CQB (rare)
    A25073MM, Covenant Spec Ops Grunt (common)

    Online codes I have found (11) :

    A03073MM, Blue Spartan Mark IV (common)
    A05073MM, Green UNSC Marine (common)
    A09073MM, Yellow Spartan EOD (rare)
    A16073MM, Green Covenant Grunt (common)
    A17073MM, Green Human Flood (common)
    A19073MM, Yellow Trans Master Chief (chase)
    A22073MM, Orange Trans Elite Ultra (chase)
    A23073MM, Blue Trans Elite Ultra (chase)
    A24073MM, Desert UNSC ODST (common)
    A26073MM, Black Spartan Mark VB (rare)
    A29073MM, Silver Security Spartan (ultra rare)

    Not found online or in the store (2) :

    Gold Covenant Grunt (common), guess A13073MM/A14073MM/A15073MM based on confirmed codes.
    Green Trans Spartan Warrior (chase), guess A18073MM based on confirmed codes.

    • A16083MM : Green Human Flood [Common] / Flood Combat Form
      A15083MM : Green Covenant Grunt [Common] / Covenant Grunt
      A02083MM : Blue Spartan Mark VI [Common] / UNSC Spartan Mark VI

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