CODE NUMBER LIST: Halo Mega Bloks Series 6 Mystery Packs Blind Bags

Halo Mega Bloks Series 6 Hero Packs Active Camo ElitesIt’s been a little bit slow on the Halo toy news front following last week’s Thanksgiving holiday in America, but the news keeps on rolling in from Europe! As more and more collectors in the UK acquire their Halo Mega Bloks Series 6 Mystery Pack blind bags, some of the codes for these series are starting to come to light, so I’ve started up the Code Number List page here on Halo Toy News to share the codes and make everyone’s buying experiences that much easier.

Remember, as of now, this set has only been found internationally, so when the Mega Bloks Halo Series 6 Hero Packs start to hit in America, the codes will very likely be different. We’ll add codes from all countries to the list just as soon as the Halo Series 6 figures start to hit in force in America and elsewhere.

If these figures haven’t hit your area yet or you want to order certain characters or a whole set without the hunt, there are plenty available for sale online right now.

For now, here’s the start of the Halo Mega Bloks Series 6 Mystery Packs figures codes list:

Covert Ops Grey Spartan EVA — A03092MM
Tan UNSC Marine
— A04092MM
Purple Spartan EOD — A05092MM
Gold Spartan Mark V[B] — A06092MM
Cyan Elite Combat — A07092MM
Covenant Grunt (Copper) — A10092MM
Covenant Jackal — A11092MM
Red Spartan Grenadier — A12092MM
Clear Lime Green (AKA  Mountain Dew) Elite Combat plus Bonus Figure — A13092MM
Clear Purple Elite Combat plus Bonus Figure — A14092MM
Clear Blue Elite Combat plus Bonus Figure — A15092MM

Halo Mega Bloks Series 6 Figures Blind Bags Package

For more information on the Halo Mega Bloks Series 6 Mystery Packs, check out this post I wrote when the set was first spotted at retail earlier this month.

Also, I’ve gone ahead and posted a new poll to gauge the interest in this series of Halo Mystery Packs figures and see just how the popularity of the figures in this set match up. Personally, I voted for the Jackal, as I’ve been wanting to army-build those forever–but I’d be lying if I pretended that the wacky-colored clear Active Camo Elites figures didn’t have a certain charm to them. Which is your favorite Halo Mega Bloks Series 6 Mystery Packs figure?

Which Halo Mega Bloks Series 6 Figure is your favorite?

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CODE NUMBER LIST: Halo Mega Bloks Series 6 Mystery Packs Blind Bags — 151 Comments

  1. I think the figure is supposed to be blue. Series 5.5 had the black ( covert ops )EVA.
    What about the 52 codes???

  2. I bought all 3 14s (active camo green elite) I found but out of 3 boxes their was not 1 blue or purple ac elite? I was pissed to say the least. I also got the ultra rare red spartan and the 2 rares but honestly my favorite besides the ac elites is the cyan elite!

      • I’ve found them at my local tesco 24/7 or asda superstore – if you’re looking for the rare active camo elites – I suggest going to a superstore which is open till late, as this is the time they restock the shelves, and always remember to check behind the box of mini figures, as a couple of times I’ve found a fresh box hiding behind. As a result of this tactic I’m only missing the blue active camo elite :)

  3. Just left Wal Mart in Colorado with A17092MM and A12092MM.
    First code was clear purple elite combat with a yellow marine
    Second code was red Spartan grenadier.

  4. I picked up the clear lime and purple Elites at a Canadian Walmart. Both included tan spartans. Not the most exciting, but a bonus is a bonus! Same codes as listed above.

    Also got the red Spartan. Thanks for the code list!

  5. I opened a 14-92 pack from walmart, it was a blue and the code above says it should be purple. Only reason I opened it for my son, was I already have a 17-92 which is supposed to purple.

    • dunno i think the series 5 extra figure was better the green spartans are very old so people want more of them i would prefer if the extra figure was a little bit more exciting even if it came with a grunt as an extra igure i would be more happy

  6. I got a A14092MM at Target today and it came with a blue active camo elite w/plasma rifle and the bonus figure was a tan UNSC Marine (basically, the UNSC Marine on the series 6 packaging)

  7. Are the UK codes different? I’m struggling to find the codes on the packaging! Please help.
    Already got a purple elite & Mk V yellow spartan :)

    • To my knowledge, the UK codes for this series are exactly the same. The codes should be embossed on the side of the back of each bag, but you have to look carefully or else you’ll miss them.

  8. just opened 3 packs with different figures, then realised the end digits were different *facepalm*

    a16102mm is jackal
    a15102mm is grunt
    a12102mm is cyan elite

    hope that helps :)

  9. I can confirm the following… I have a feeling that the Camo Elites are going to be more random going forward but who knows. The bonus Marines do have the corresponding SN’s on their bases. Might have something to do with retailer as well.

    Clear Lime Green (AKA Mountain Dew) Elite Combat plus Bonus Figure — A13092MM
    Clear Purple Elite Combat plus Bonus Figure — A14092MM
    Clear Blue Elite Combat plus Bonus Figure — A14092MM
    Clear Blue Elite Combat plus Bonus Figure — A17092MM
    Red Spartan Grenadier — A12092MM
    Gold Spartan Mark V[B] – A06092MM

    Clear Purple Elite Combat plus Bonus Figure — A22192MM
    Red Spartan Grenadier — A17102MM

  10. A02013MM – UNSC Spartan EVA
    A03013MM – UNSC Cobalt Marine
    A04013MM – UNSC Spartan EOD
    A07013MM – UNSC Sparten Mark V
    A08013MM – Cyan Covenant Combat Elite
    A09013MM – Copper Covenant Grunt
    A10013MM – Covenant Jackel
    A11013MM – UNSC Spartan Grenadier
    A15013MM – Clear Blue Elite w/ A03013MM
    A16013MM – Clear Purple Elite w/ A03013MM

    If you plan on getting the Clear Elite Models I would suggest skipping on the A03013MM model since you will get this model already in all 3 (or 2) of the Clear Elite models. I say 2 because I only have 2 of them. It wouldn’t make much since for them to leave the Lime Green Elite without the extra model with it but I can’t confirm that it has it positively.

    I couldn’t find the Clear Lime Green Combat Elite at the store that I got mine from. I found these at Fred Meyer and thought that anyone that found ones with the A**013MM tags would appreciate this.

    • thank you for these i found a whole bunch with these codes at a local store.
      i also found the clear green its code is:
      A14013MM hope this helps anyone.

  11. Clear Purple Combat Elite – A22102MM – Found at Walmart. Double packed with Cobalt Marine.

    The box was loaded with A16102MM & A15102MM – The box only had one mystery and one ultra rare red Spartan Grenadier code A17102MM

    • I would be.Thats for a Lime AND Purple right? Any other stuff? I’m looking for the following…

      Series 1 Green UNSC Spartan II [Common]
      Series 1 Active Camo UNSC Spartan II [Ultra Rare]
      Halo Fest Spartan
      Halo Fest Active-Camo Jackel
      Halo Battlescape Active-Camo Brute

      • How can I contact you personally? I will give you 2 purple active camo and two lime active camo. I apologize, but do not have the others you seek. However, I will give you, as well, the cyan covenant elite and a UNSC spartan EVA, along with the extras that came with the camo’s. that’s 10 figures for the one blue active from series 6. Deal?

  12. A massive thank you to Halo Toy News – finally manged to complete series 6!
    The blue active camo elite took me an age to track down, but thanks to the codes listed here I’ve finally found one :) can’t wait for the summer release of series 7!

  13. Ok. Just went to Walmart for baby food and found a Mountain Dew camo under, what is for me, a new code: A14013
    Does anyone want to trade a series 5 red or blue camo for this one?

  14. The only extras I have are one copper flight from series 2 and the lime and smoke from 5 and 6. Sorry that I don’t have more.

  15. M15 series has changed on the more recent deliveries. M17 M20 and M22 are purple blue and green active elites. 15M is now the copper grunt.

  16. Just got back from Walmart and spent a good 20 mins looking through the 4 boxes. The first three matched their codes shown above but the others weren’t the same. The colours in quotes just represents what they are listed as in the above list.


    UNSC “Tan” Cobalt Marine – A04092MM
    UNSC “Gold” Spartan Mark V – A06092MM
    UNSC “Red” Spartan Grenadier – A12092MM

    NEW (?) CODES

    UNSC “Covert Ops Grey” Spartan EVA – A080102MM
    Covenant Jackal – A16102MM
    Copper Covenant Grunt – A15102MM

  17. So I got two jackals but the code on both says ax969786 so are the codes for the others right btw in am in the us

  18. So I got a cyan elite today, but for some reason, it came with two left upper thighs, but the rest of the figure is correct. He now looks like he’s QWOP-ing. Any way to get the correct right leg?

  19. So I’ve gotten almost all of this series so far I’m just missing the Blue clear Elite and the gold Mark V. The codes were different where I buy them instead of 92MM they show a 33MM so I’ve had to kind of figure out the codes for here in America.

    I found of that the Covert Ops Grey Spartan EVA isn’t code A03092MM it’s a A01033MM which confused me at first and I didn’t find the Covenant Grunt (Copper) through A10092MM I found it as A08033MM
    I’m wondering if these are the only ones that’s different then posted here.
    Does anyone know the America code for the Gold Spartan Mark V[B] ? ? ?

  20. I have an extra blue, Mountain Dew, and purple elite from series 6, as well as an extra gold V. I need an original green marine from series 4.

  21. Just got back from my local Walgreens
    Copper Grunt- A08033MM
    Purple Spartan EOD- A05033MM
    UNSC Cobalt Marine- A04033MM

  22. Where are the codes on the pack when I look for them the only thing similar to the codes are these that the first 2 letters are ax

    • They are along the side on the back. They are stamped, so they are hard to see, but they will always end with MM

  23. at long last i finally got the red grenadier spartan thanks to these codes and havoc for telling me where they are

    • Are you sure you read the code properly? Sometimes the numbers embossed on the bags can be hard to read, but the codes are literally usually 100% accurate.

    • I have an extra red grenadier, so email me and we can work something out. If you need a referance, ask Sal, about 1/3 the way up this blog.

      • Recommendation given. This guy is the man. Let me know if you want to email me for more info, I’m happy to provide it

  24. Series 6

    Covert Ops Grey Spartan EVA — A03092MM, A02013MM, A08102MM, A01033MM,

    Tan UNSC Marine — A04092MM, A03013MM, A09102MM, A04033MM,

    Purple Spartan EOD – A05092MM, A04013MM, A10102MM, A05033MM,

    Gold Spartan Mark V[B] – A06092MM, A07013MM, A11102MM, A06033MM,

    Cyan Elite Combat — A07092MM, A08013MM, A12102MM, A07033MM,

    Covenant Grunt (Copper) — A10092MM, A09013MM, A15102MM, A08033MM,

    Covenant Jackal — A11092MM, A10013MM, A16102MM, A11033MM,

    Red Spartan Grenadier — A12092MM, A11013MM, A17102MM, A12033MM,

    Clear Lime Green Elite Combat w/ Tan UNSC marine— A13092MM, A14013MM, A14013MM, A18102MM, A13033MM,

    Clear Purple Elite Combat w/ Tan UNSC marine — A14092MM, A17092MM, A22192MM, A16013MM, A22102MM, A15033MM,

    Clear Blue Elite Combat w/ Tan UNSC marine — A14092MM, A15092MM, A15013MM, A19102MM, A14033MM,

    “A14092MM AND A17092MM can be either Blue or Purple Trans and no way to tell the difference.”

  25. bueno primero que nada soy nuevo comentando en esta comunidad y quisiera decir que con respecto a los códigos encontré un código que no aparece en esta lista y es A10043MM desconozco la figura pero lo vi hoy en HEB estanzuelaaun no tengo la serie 6 perotratere de conseguir todos los codigos que no aparecen en las listas para que sean agregadoscomo debe de ser

  26. Got the cyan combat elite on my first opening off of amazon. I like the coloring of it. You see I get lucky for every series I get almost. Series 6 I get the rare cyan elite, series 9 I get rare imperial grunt, series alpha I get Spartan Gungnir and half active Camo brute stalker, series bravo I get halo 2 marine with secret rare Spartan JFO, Charlie series I get rare grunt, delta series I get white flood infected Spartan, echo series I get rare purple Spartan scout, and then foxtrot series I get green Spartan copperhead with secret rare master chief statue. As you can see good luck

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