CODE NUMBER LIST: Halo Mega Bloks Series 4 Mystery Packs Blind Bags

Apparently the fourth time is actually the charm, because the Halo Mega Bloks Series 4 Mystery Pack Blind Bags are the first set to include a totally original, all-new figure mold: the female A.I., Cortana! Legendary for her co-starring role as the Master Chief’s partner in all of the Halo trilogy video games, Cortana is making her Mega Bloks Halo debut as the ultra-rare figure in this blind-bagged series! So as not to drive collectors insane (or broke) hunting this vital character down, I’ve included the complete list of Halo Mega Bloks Series 4 codes below.

Other than Cortana, this isn’t the most exciting series. The purple EVA Spartan will add some much needed purple to any Spartan army, and I really like the Arctic UNSC Pilot, but otherwise this set is a bit dull. But hey–you can never get enough green UNSC Marines!

Be aware that the code number A19101MM can contain one of two different figures: the UNSC Arctic Marine or the Purple EVA Spartan! There have been many reported sightings of both figures in bags with this shared code. Most likely, the factory made a mistake and switched the numbers when they did a new run. It isn’t customary at all for MEGA Brands to have two figures with the same code number, so this is almost certainly a goof-up. The best way to determine whether your A19101MM blind bag is a purple EVA or an Arctic Pilot is to feel the contents for the Brute Shot or helmet. I’ve starred this code number in the lists below.

Crimson Elite Pilot [Common] — A22091MM, A13101MM, A08111MM, A22111MM, A16121MM

Green UNSC Marine [Common] — A17091MM, A12101MM, A02111MM, A12121MM

Copper Brute [Common] — A21091MM, A17101MM, A07111MM, A21111MM, A15121MM

Blue Elite Combat [Common] — A20091MM, A14101MM, A04111MM, A18111MM, A14121MM, A18121MM

Arctic UNSC Pilot [Common] — A16091MM, A10101MM, A19101MM*, A0111MM, A15111MM, A09121MM

Yellow UNSC ODST [Rare] — A19091MM, A18101MM, A03111MM, A07111MM, A17111MM, A13121MM

Purple Spartan EVA [Rare] — A09022, A23091MM, A19101MM*, A09111MM, A23111MM, A19121MM

Cortana Female A.I. [Ultra Rare] — A20121MM, A24091MM, A20101MM, A10111MM, A24111MM, A10022MM


CODE NUMBER LIST: Halo Mega Bloks Series 4 Mystery Packs Blind Bags — 10 Comments

  1. God, I’m pretty disappointed I really want that Purple EVA but I only got two stupid article pilots and two shitty green marines.but still I got an ODST.

  2. The yellow ODST and Copper Brute also share the same code, A07111MM. So if you want the yellow ODST (like I did) don’t use that code when choosing, cause its most likely a retarded brute.

  3. Found a possible purple Eva. Code 14121. Haven’t opened yet. Still no cortana. Found a few at an out of way Walgreens. Will confirm later.

  4. HALO Mega Bloks HEROPACK 96978 Found on SALE at TARGET
    with NEW CODES (I’ve never seen before) Axxx32MM
    A01032MM Arctic UNSC Pilot (common)
    A02032MM Green UNSC Marine (common)
    A05032MM Yellow UNSC ODST (Rare)
    A06032MM Blue Covenant Elite (common)
    A07032MM Copper Covenant Brute(common)
    A09032MM Purple UNS EVA Spartan(Rare)

  5. I have this kinda transparent one from series 4 but I dunno if its even a rare or not cuz it might be the one with a question mark on it

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